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Digiscoping Video

Non Birding Bill and I made some videos in Florida with the new Swarovski ATX spotting scope.  If you have not been to Florida, warning, this will make you want to hop a plane and go down there.

1 comment to Digiscoping Video

  • The opening monologue was impressive, for two reasons.

    1) Those sunglasses are quite something. They make your eyes look otherworldy. I must admit, I immediately though of a cartoon villian:

    2) That was a pretty long monologue all in one take, and you did it pretty smoothly. I’m curious to know how many takes it took. (I hereby pledge an additional $50 to Sax Zim Bog if you release a blooper reel of the footage you shot for this).

    The shot where you zoom back from the shot of the bird on the tree and end with Sharon directly in front of it to begin the digistcoping demo is *awesome*.