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Birdchick Podcast: #151 Reindeer in a Tube

When you have breakfast in Sweden you can put any number of things on your toast like honey, mountain berry jam, cheese in a tube, reindeer meat in a tube or caviar in a tube:

Sedish Breakfast

The Spy Stork Story

Facebook bands birding ad for referring to juvenile boobies.

Andrew Wallace sent a really cool link to the Birdchick Facebook page from Project Nightjar. It’s a game and you click on photos where you think you see one roosting on the ground.  You can play as a mongoose or a monkey, it’s very cool.

People move to the woods…then complain about the animals.

23 things going on inside the mind of a birder.

Story about wind farms killing 65 eagles (both golden and bald) in five years…not that much when you consider that cats kill 5 million birds a year.

Principal vs. Deer from My Ordinary Life…


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