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Birdchick Podcast #162: Project Snow Storm & Listing


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Holy crap, birding has gone mainstream: it’s in the Boston Globe (on Neil Hayward breaking the North American big year record), Wall Street Journal (birders using taped calls) and USA Today (how birding is attracting “young fans” lol in their 30s and 40s).  Is 2014 the year of the BIRDER?

Project Snow Storm: the study of a snowy owl irruption in real time. Contribute either sighting or money (I did).  Also here is an interesting of a snowy owl getting caught in a truck’s grill (the owl is ok).

The controversy surrounding the “rediscovery” of the night parrot in Australia. Also a list of bird discovered in 2013.

Turkey chasing delivery guy–why I love living in Minnesota.

What it’s like to tell people you area a birder at a party.



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