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Birdchick Podcast #163: Peace Doves Attacked, Amazing Snowy Owl Stories

Really cool birds in flight video. Artist Dentist Hlynsky creates visual trails that illustrate the path of each moving bird in a flock.  Really cool stuff!

White doves that were released by children standing alongside Pope Francis as a peace gesture have been attacked by hood crows and yellow-legged gulls. National Geographic has a good explanation of it…yes, the crows and gulls were trying to eat the doves. 

Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach has a bill that makes it a felony for any federal agency to intervene on behalf of the greater or lesser prairie chickens.

Cool new app from Cornell Lab of Ornithology identifies common bird for newbies…AND IT’S FREE!

When you have time please read some of the cool research going down with Project Snowstorm!

An old Onion article on the David Sibley Guide.

And not an onion story…city tries to regulate what type of bird feeders you have.



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    I’ve heard some of this because the physics research I did was at Jefferson Lab in Virginia, which is cooled by liquid Helium. I believe they reclaim all of the helium at the lab; they don’t vent any of it. But most places that chill with liquified helium just vent it when they’re done.

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