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Murmuration + Peregrine Falcon + 10th Doctor = AWESOME!

This is from a documentary called Earthflight from BBC One and it’s narrated by David Tennant (aka the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who). This clip is really cool and explains why raptors don’t have an easy time grabbing a starling in a large flock (aka murmuration).

It looks pretty awesome and not nearly as [...]

Birdchick Podcast #96: Snowy Owls Harrassed by Humans & Peregrine Falcons

Come At Me Bro

Warning, this podcast has a joke that’s a little blue. If you listen with kids you may have to explain some metaphors/similes of human anatomy.

I blogged earlier that there’s an interesting trend this winter of birders taking photos and videos of people ignoring signgs and getting way too close to snowy owls this [...]

Birdchick Podcast #40 Gyrfalcons, Penguins & Eagles


What’s everybody talking about this week? Birds with Arms!

Gyrfalcons are secret seabirds?

Emperor penguin shows up in New Zealand. And here’s a link to what Non Birding Bill mentioned: penguins nesting on landmines!

Bald eagles defend nest outside of an Alaskan post office.




Birdchick Podcast #14: flamingos, falconry and migration


Non Birding Bill’s Sparrow Photo:

10 years anniversary of guarding snowy plover chicks at Coal Oil Point Beach.

Clumsy Flamingo

Killdeer Sound from All About Birds

World Sparrow Day

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Peregrine Falcon Viewing At Lock & Dam 1

peregrine 1

Just a heads up that right now is an excellent time for peregrine falcon viewing at Lock and Dam 1 in Minneapolis near Minnehaha Creek. I took the above photo of one of the chicks Saturday. Look at that baby peregrine–doesn’t it look like quite the thug?

Here’s a screen capture of the [...]

Peregrine Falcons At The Colonnade


I was out at the Colonnade to check out the peregrine falcons that nest on that building. I had a KARE 11 segment this week and when I drove by the tall building, I could make one of the birds perched on the nest box ledge. When I returned with my digiscoping equipment that [...]

The Heart Breaking Aplomado Falcon

One of the fun parts of visiting the Rio Grande Valley is the chance to see an aplomado falcon. One of the best places to look is Laguna Atascosa NWR. Two years ago I got the chance to chase one down (it practically took half the bird festival to help me get it). The aplomado [...]

The Onion On The Peregrine Falcon

From The Onion (a humorous news publication):

Only a few short years after being removed from the endangered species list, the American peregrine falcon—once considered a creature of nobility and grace—has transformed into an “unappreciative jerk,” wildlife experts reported Monday.

According to workers at the Peregrine Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting [...]

Tim Gallagher: Falconer

One of my favorite birding dudes has an interview up at YouTube. It’s a blurb about Tim Gallagher’s book Falcon Fever and you see some shots of his falconry bird, McDuff:

Peregrine Falcon 568 Release Video

Screen shot 2011-10-05 at 11.43.41 PM

Okay, here is a teaser for Peregrine Falcon 568′s release. More later–after I do my State Fair segment on Showcase Minnesota and after I go out and check the bees this morning.

I should clarify that in the beginning of the video, I tell her, “Don’t fly into anything this time.” I meant that this [...]