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Honey & Swollen Dog

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It’s that special time of year when Lorraine extracts a little early honey, follows the strict codes, guidelines and fees of the county fair and submits it for approval. I know we aren’t the only ones entering honey because fellow beekeepers in the same county made some noise when we won last year that [...]

Award Winning Bees

award winning bees

I am just so giddy! Our bees won the county fair for the second year in a row! And this time, we took both the honey ribbons–one for extracted honey and the other for cut comb honey. It’s official, our cured bee vomit is the best bee vomit!

It’s the oddest sensation, the bees [...]

Bee Update

I kind of put my nose to the grind stone the last week and finished off a draft of the book and now I am dying to get out and watch some birds! I’m hoping to do a bit of that on Wednesday. In the mean time, we are getting things ready for the fast [...]

Oh Nosema!

Mr. Neil emailed that he had been by the hives and that Kelli was silent. I emailed back, “You mean Kitty, right?”

If you recall, Kitty was in a small cluster and the cold was probably going to kill her. The Kelli hive was strong and loud. No, he meant Kelli. I hoped that he [...]

Good Bee News Day

Well, I got some fun bee news today. The City of Minneapolis is considering allowing beekeeping in the metro area (although with a license). There’s a hearing on April 15.

I also just got a copy of the second edition of Beekeeping for Dummies and one of my photos is in it. Whoot. It’s [...]

To The Bee Cave, Bee Boy!

DON’T FORGET: There is still time to get your entries in for the Swarovski Guest Blogging Contest. A chance for you to have a blog entry posted here for the day (and getting some of my readers a taste of your writing) and a cool prize while I’m birding in Guatemala!

Well, the weather has [...]

First Bee Post Of The New Year

We are hardy folk, we northern beekeepers! Mr. Neil and I pose around a snow surrounded Kitty beehive. We came out to make sure that the snow wasn’t blocking key ventilation areas in the beehives and to see if they were alive.

Mr. Neil and Non Birding Bill also checked to see if our electric [...]

That Darn Kitty Hive

I just got the current issue of WildBird Magazine in the mail and there’s a photo of me at the beehives! I’m so proud, part of our award winning Kelli Hive is pictured in a birding magazine. I feel like I’m crossing some sort of border by getting bees in a birding magazine. Now sure [...]

Pine Siskins and Bonfires and Bees

Just a reminder:

The next Birds and Beers is this Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 6pm at Merlin’s Rest.

This weekend was kind of a blur, I’m still trying to catch up. This early winter weather is just perfect for a one last hurrah before the hardcore cold temperatures force us inside. Non Birding Bill [...]

Birds, Beers, Bald Eagles, Bees, and Rio Grande Valley Fest

Holy Buckets, I am in love with the boys at the Golden Valley, MN National Camera Exchange. My all-time favorite point and shoot digital camera to use for digiscoping is a Fuji FinePix E900. It’s been discontinued and hard to find. They found one for me. I’m takin’ that bad boy to Texas. The Canon [...]