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Wondering on Whimbrels


Last week I was in Los Angeles, California and while there I had some whimbrels hanging out with me on the beach (incidentally, that is now bird 138 for my Digiscoping Big Year challenge to help build a Visitor Center for Sax Zim Bog).


These are always cool birds to see–gotta love that [...]

Nemesis Birds


UPDATE: The Duluth News Tribune joined us for part of the day and you can see our birding posse and learn more about Minnesota’s boreal owl irruption here.

Nothing says winter in Minnesota like snow drifting into a port-a-potty.

I can’t really do my Big Half Year fundraiser for the Friends [...]

Osprey Banding

osprey banding

Even though I have a spanky new job with a desk and everything, quite a bit of what I do is field work. And like any job, you have to keep your skills sharp and go out for training.

This week it took the form of helping Mark Martell of Audubon Minnesota with [...]

Merlin vs Red-bellied Woodpecker

merlin woodpecker gaiman

Non Birding Bill and I were over at Mr. Neil’s to do some fall beehive prep (for those who follow, the bees seemed to take my Ned Stark speech well and all but one of the hives actually bumped up production). After we finished checking the hives we were back in the house surfing the [...]

Snow Storms During Migration & Goose Collars

banded geese

True to form, our great state of Minnesota received a dumping of snow yesterday. The nice thing about March snow storms is that they melt relatively quickly. Even the city gets slack about it, “Eight inches? No Snow Emergency or parking restrictions, it will melt, deal with it.”

But many people wonder about those early [...]

Laysan Albatross Is The Oldest Living Wild Bird #birding #birds

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 1.25.08 PM

And she’s still raising chicks!

That’s right. According to bird banding records, a Laysan albatross on the Midway Atoll is now officially the oldest living (and breeding birds) in the wild! She’s at least 60, but most likely older than that, since she was already breeding when she was initially banded. According to the [...]

Golden Eagle Survey Time Again!


First, an interesting news story that popped up over the Holidays:

According to a story in The New York Times blog in the last week a red-tailed hawk was picked up in New York and eventually made its way to The Raptor Trust. Turns out that the hawk is over 27 years old! I was [...]

Cleansing Goshawk

1 goshawk

Alright, Non Birding Bill’s cartoon post and my pelican post may have been a bit much, so how about a nice, cleansing northern goshawk release shot to start Monday morning?

Some of my family from Indiana came up for a visit last week and got a whirlwind tour of the hives and a trip [...]

Random Angry Titmouse #birding


We were banding birds at Mr. Neil’s yesterday. I have quite a few photos of angry titmice–we got three in the nets. These are exciting birds for us because my buddies Mark and Roger band mostly around the Twin Cities metro area and we don’t have titmice there, it’s just out of their northern range, [...]

Cross Section Of Breeding Birds & Migration

fuzz face

Twice a year I have some bird banding friends come out to Mr. Neil’s place to band the birds around the yard–once in spring and once in fall. On Saturday my buddies Roger (aka MNBirdNerd) and Amber (aka AvianImages) set up mists nets to collect data and got a GREAT cross section of spring [...]