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Oh Nosema!

Mr. Neil emailed that he had been by the hives and that Kelli was silent. I emailed back, “You mean Kitty, right?”

If you recall, Kitty was in a small cluster and the cold was probably going to kill her. The Kelli hive was strong and loud. No, he meant Kelli. I hoped that he [...]

My Hive Has Been Robbed!

The MimiKo hive has failed in a big way. I thought maybe last summer, I messed with the hives too much and that perhaps being a bit more hands off would be better this summer. Apparently, I was too hands off.

Lorraine took the Magnetic Fields out to our hives the day before and mentioned [...]

Kitty and Olga and The Newspaper Method

Well, there have been some changes in the beekeeping operation. But first, let’s start with the fun.

Can I say how grateful I am for the sweet natured temperament of the MimiKo bees? They are just a joy to visit and are still so friendly and easy going…which as you will read later, is much [...]