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Honey & Swollen Dog

lola 5

It’s that special time of year when Lorraine extracts a little early honey, follows the strict codes, guidelines and fees of the county fair and submits it for approval. I know we aren’t the only ones entering honey because fellow beekeepers in the same county made some noise when we won last year that [...]

We Just Can’t Leave Those Hives Alone


Compared to the first year of beekeeping, we’ve mellowed out in some ways. There are still discussions and disagreements but we don’t often take extraordinary measures to save a hive…for the most part.

Last time, we noticed that one of our new hives was failing–no sign of a functional queen, no new eggs, no [...]

Birds with Hats and Bee Stings


Hello all, NBB here.

Sharon’s a bit swamped with deadlines, so she’s asked me to fill in with a blog post about all the exciting things that are happening in the birding world. But since I avoid knowing anything about the birding world with great vigor, I instead present you with Birds Wearing Hats.


Life With 8 Beehives


Just an FYI: if you are at CONvergence this weekend, Mr. Neil and I have donated some comb honey and a rusty chipped hive tool (which could be used as a terrifying weapon or shank if one runs in those circles) to the silent auction. Both items have been autographed by Mr. Neil and [...]

Bees on Wall Street

Friends have sent me this link to a story about bees swarming on Wall Street and apparently trying to get into Cipriani (bees with swanky taste no doubt). I think my favorite part of the story is learning that New York City has Officer Anthony Planakis, their official bee handling officer. Now there is a [...]

Bee Installation–Marked Queens


Oh my, how things have changed for me and my perspective of beekeeping! Our first year was a panic, but now it’s a fun chore that I look forward to in spring. I can almost do it without the guide, but I like to consult it before we put in our bees to ensure that [...]

Honeybees or Space Ship?

a bee

I digiscoped the strangest photo of my bees yesterday. I’m not sure what setting I had the camera on but they look like odd little space ships.

Honey Auction

pollen baskets

I know the reports for allergy sufferers has been rough this spring, but our bees our loving it. They are returning to the hives with massive pollen baskets. All four hives are still going strong this spring. I think this early spring allowed us to open them up early enough to get them ventilated [...]

Mites and Mice

varroa mite

Last week we did another check of all the hives last week. All were still doing well, brood was cooking and the hives were building up for the summer. We had some brood placed between boxes so we inadvertently killed some pupae, it looked like drone brood so I wasn’t too bummed–we weren’t killing the [...]

Surprises In The Hives

1 bees green hive

This blog post is not only an update for those curious about the going’s on, but also to serve as notes for how we prep the hives this fall. What’s nice about a blog is that is kind of a nice notebook. Also, Mr. Neil would like an update on our bees while he is [...]