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Happy, Happy Bees

We had the coolest birds fly over the hive today. As we were suiting up in the bee yard and stoking our smoker, I heard a familiar gurgling trumpet call–distant sandhill cranes. Lorriane and Hans were with me and I asked if they heard it too, they did and this time, they sounded a bit [...]

Interviewed By MPR At The Beehives

Yesterday was an interesting day. A couple of people from Minnesota Public Radio accompanied Lorraine and I out to the hives. We’ve had Euan Kerr out before, but he was interviewing Mr. Neil. For some reason, it really didn’t register to me what we would be doing when they asked to come out. I [...]

Bees, Glorious Bees

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I’ve been doing so much traveling, I have not been able to visit much with our bees. Poor Lorraine had to take over beekeeping duties while both Mr. Neil and I were away. She did her best, making sure to give the bees more room to build as they filled in their hive boxes. [...]

Odd Baird’s Sparrow Song


I just returned from the Potholes and Prairie Bird Festival in North Dakota where I go to see some of my favorite songbirds like the above Baird’s sparrow. There was one particular Baird’s who did not get the memo on his life history. First, this bird had staked out territory on this tiny patch [...]

Adventures In Female Urination


This post maybe TMI for some people. Take note of the title and if that is not your favorite subject or something you don’t like imagine other people doing, I would recommend you stop reading and maybe check out this cool post by my buddy Amber about some gannet rescue she did while on vacation [...]

Bee Progress


Man, all week I have had great intentions but lingering jet lag and life has gotten in the way. Tuesday night, I thought I would do a quick bike ride, maybe bike to a restaurant with Non Birding Bill, have some quality spouse time, come home, do a wee bit of blogging, and watch a [...]

Beekeeping interview

Just a quick note, Sharon was the subject of a beekeeping interview over at the Sunset website.

New Bee Package Adventures


Our bee crew with substitutes headed out to our hives to welcome our four new packages of bees. We started with the Wendy hive, above is the Queen Wendy in her cage (with a worker on my thumb). We we hive the packages, we spray the packages with sugar water, bonk the box so [...]

Vicarious Beekeeping


This week was a tad frustrating. We had received a note from our honey bee supplier that bees would ship sometime the week of April 27. I kept all of my plans soft expect to dash off an hive our packages of new bees. The calls never came and when fellow Bee Team member Lorraine [...]

Mysterious Robber Bees


We still have juncos moving through, many were starting to sing some of their territory songs over the weekend. Some even chased each other through the brush piles as the flocks start their northward migration.

Lorraine has been gleaning honey from the remainders of the Kelli and Kitty hives. As she put the [...]