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Hummingbird Reminder


It’s the time of year when I get hummingbird questions so I thought I would do a quick reminder about hummingbird nectar. Here is the recipe:

4 parts water 1 part table sugar (not honey, not corn syrup, not Splenda, not Stevia, no artificial sweetner)

Don’t bother with red dye, it’s not needed, could [...]

Altimira Oriole At Black Oil Sunflower Feeder

altimira oriole

Orioles are not birds that one typically associate with being seed eaters but this Altimira oriole at Bentsen Rio Grande State Park certainly seemed to dig them. Most of us think of orioles as nectar, fruit and jelly feeder birds but I’ve seen them sample seed and suet when Baltimore orioles arrive up in [...]

Random Catbird


This gray catbird has taken to the suet plugs at the feeder in a big way. It’s one of two catbirds (presumably a pair) that have decided the peanut suet dough in the woodpecker log is the best thing ever. Hope they bring their fledglings too.


Warblers Eating Honey

Pine Warbler

I’m in a quandary with my beehives and my love of birds.

On my way out to the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival, I stopped at Mr. Neil’s for a quick check of our new beehives and some birding. The warblers have arrived and the cool weather has forced those who arrive early in migration [...]

Random Red-bellied Woodpecker

red-bellied woodpecker

Male red-bellied woodpecker coming in for some suet dough.

Siskins Are Moving


I went out to Mr. Neil’s yesterday to deal with some of our beehives that died over the winter (it was a hard winter, lots of beekeepers lost hives, it’s part of the hobby). While walking around outside, I could hear titmice singing territory song and then I heard a golden-crowned kinglet.

I looked [...]

My Great Backyard Bird Count 2011

House finches

The Great Backyard Bird Count was over the weekend and normally for bird county things I like to do it at Mr. Neil’s because he gets better birds at his home than I do. But I never cease to be amazed at what I can attract with some sensible bird feeding choices out of my [...]

Great Backyard Bird Count #gbbc #birding

Tree Sparrow

Here is a friendly neighborhood tree sparrow reminding you that today is the start of the Great Backyard Bird Count. This is YOUR chance to take 15 minutes day over the next four days to note what birds and how many of each you see. This is a joint project with Audubon and Cornell [...]

Cowbird Suet?


I found this suet at a Walmart last night.

Periodically, people email or ask me, “Hey, I’ve had a suet feeder out, but no bird comes to it. Why won’t they come?”

Most of the time, I picture a yard void of trees, but after finding this suet in a popular shopping destination, I [...]

Rainbow Mealworms Is In Dire Need Of A Bird Consultant


Oh, Rainbow Mealworms, why couldn’t you have had a birder to take a quick look at this ad before you submitted it for print? I feel for you, I bet you’ll get a few phone calls over this one.

I was thumbing through one of the many bird magazines that find their way into [...]