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The Canada Incident


So, I was supposed to be at the Point Pelee Festival of Birds this weekend, something I was really looking forward to doing–both as a presenter and field trip leader and as a birder to the area. The warbler watching is legendary.

But Canada refused me entry to their country. I’ve been to a lot [...]

Woodcocks At Biggest Week

woodcock 5

Part of the fun of birding at the Biggest Week is I get to see my friend Dale Forbes. I met him a few years ago in Kazakhstan and since then he’s moved on to working full time for Swarovski Optik as a products manager. This is Dale’s first time in North America…so you can [...]

Biggest Week In American Birding

Cape May Warbler

So if you’ve been following my Twitter feed, you know I’m at something referred to as the Biggest Week, it’s a big ole’ honkin’ bird festival in northern Ohio at Magee Marsh. It bills itself as the “Warbler Capital Of The World.”

I have seen quite a few warblers, but not enough yet to [...]

Leftover Horicon Marsh Photos

horicon grosbeak

Hey, remember in May when I went to Horicon Marsh? It’s funny, I’ve always been the sort of blogger who puts stuff up as she goes, never one with a backlog of material but as the Internet has changed to interacting with people via Facebook and Twitter, I don’t blog as much and now [...]

Cliff Swallow Nesting Area

cliff swallows

If you ever have a chance to visit the great state of Utah, I highly recommend checking out Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. This place is awesome, there’s an easy birding drive to take and you can use your car as a blind to get great looks at western birds. You can also use the [...]

Horicon Marsh Bird Festival Warblers & Songbirds

Horicon Marsh Fest

I did a bunch of traveling in May and haven’t really had a chance to sit and breathe and really focus on the wonderful birding to be had. It started with the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival in Wisconsin. This is a smaller festival and forgoes some of the traditional things like name badges and packets [...]

Redhead Shenanigans

redhead flirting

This is a pair of redheads (a type of duck) seen during last weekend’s Horicon Marsh Bird Festival. Horicon Marsh is over 33,000 acres in size and at first glance it may appear to be managed for Canada geese and muskrats, but redheads are one of the main targets for optimizing habitat.

If you [...]

Homemade Heron Rookery

heron nests

I love this little male kestrel snacking on a small rodent it plucked from a field in Utah. I got its photo at the same place I had my unexpected weasel encounter called Farmington Bay WMA.

One of the coolest features about this wildlife management area is the homemade great blue [...]

Education Magpie Envy

education magpie

If you live in the eastern portion of the US and have never seen a magpie–Salt Lake City is the place for you. Those birds are all over the place–they’re like crows (not just in family but in commonality). We have a remnant population up in northern Minnesota but not the sort of numbers [...]

Digiscoping Workshop & Tern Rescue

horny pelican

One of the reasons I was at the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival in Utah was to conduct a digiscoping workshop for Swarovski Optik. I really enjoy doing these types of workshops, we start with a basic how to and then we go out someplace birdy and take photos. They are not trips about [...]