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Hawk On A Deer Carcass


One of the things that I’m bummed about my current schedule is that I do not have the time to get to Carpenter Nature Center like I used to. But, Jen Vieth who is the Development Director, keeps me on the email list to let me know what’s going on and yesterday, she sent a [...]

Hazards Of Hand Feeding Raptors Part 2

I hope readers who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful day full of favorite foods, gratitude and a minimum of family drama. Non Birding Bill and I thought of all the things we’re grateful for and one thing that I am always grateful for is the opportunity to work with birds of prey. There’s something captivating [...]

Random Autumn Turkey Vulture

Flickers & Bluebirds At Carpenter Nature Center

Friday was an unbelievably beautiful day at Carpenter Nature Center. I ended spending way more time out there than anticipated. It ended up being a perfect day and now as I look outside my window to see TWO inches of snow with more on the way, I’m glad I took advantage of the fall [...]

Banding Wilson’s Warbler & Chipping Sparrow Tumor

WARNING! THERE ARE SOME KIND OF GROSS BIRD TUMOR PHOTOS IN THIS POST. Don’t worry, I’ll end on a nice cleansing post.

The colors at Carpenter Nature Center are outstanding right now. This amazing palette will last over the next month or so, so if you need a day to just look at some [...]

Friday At Carpenter Nature Center

Not that I could deny before, but migration is totally on. We got in our first fall white-throated sparrow in the banding nets at Carpenter Nature Center on Friday. I think this is the earliest we’ve ever had one. I’m very curious about this fall’s migration. Will our cold summer cause changes? It’s been [...]

Waxwings and Bird Handling

I have been making so many changes this summer. Some have been evident with the blog and will be more evident in the coming weeks. Some have been in my day to day routine. For example, I’ve been learning how to band birds at Carpenter Nature Center and usually spend my Fridays (when I’m in [...]

Prepping For The Bio Blitz 2009


Friday was a fun and active day–between the weather, the birds and friends it was just a day where you look around and think, “Isn’t great to be alive?” It’s been wonderful to come home to spring birds and many of the Minnesota migrants have returned–even the common nighthawk, I heard one outside of the [...]


Hey, if you enjoyed the waxwing post from earlier, check out Minnesota Birdnerd’s photos of banding waxwings are Carver Park, it’s very sweet.

And speaking of banding, I surprised the Friday banding crew at Carpenter Nature Center by showing up for banding the day before I leave for Kazakhstan. Yes, I should have been packing, [...]

Vicarious Beekeeping


This week was a tad frustrating. We had received a note from our honey bee supplier that bees would ship sometime the week of April 27. I kept all of my plans soft expect to dash off an hive our packages of new bees. The calls never came and when fellow Bee Team member Lorraine [...]