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Crazy Pileated Bills

Someone posted photos on MnBird of a female pileated woodpecker at the Minnesota Zoo. Check out her bill in this photo and this photo–it’s crazy long! I wonder if it’s a result of the bill not being worn down enough in captivity or if it’s part of the larger bird bill deformity problem?

Here is [...]

Question For A Goldfinch

Hey, did you guys see the nuthatch with the deformed bill over at Mary’s View?

I’ve encountered some long-billed birds before, we had a peregrine come into the hawk blind a few years ago and I saw some deformed red-winged blackbirds in 2006 in Nebraska too. If you see long-billed birds you can report them [...]

To Pack Or Not To Pack

Hmmmmmm, I’m not sure I will be leaving tomorrow morning with the predicted record snowfall that’s supposed to start in earnest around 9pm tonight. Traffic was more than a little slow at the booth today. I think many people left early to try and get home before the big storm hits tonight. This morning there [...]

Birds with bill deformities

Bud Anderson sent me this photo of a red-tailed hawk with a deformed bill found in San Jose, CA.

Last month I posted a photo of a peregrine falcon with an overgrown bill that we got in at a hawk banding station in Duluth, MN. To all of us at the banding station, it [...]

Forgot one photo

Okay, so several photos will be showing up on here from hawk trapping in the next few days after Amber and I start swapping, but I forgot to post the peregrine falcon with a a weird bill photo:

Who knows what happened to this bird. The injury to the lower mandible looks like it [...]