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Web Series Teaser

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 11.42.39 AM

I’m just back from some epic US travel. I’ve been in California, Oregon and south Texas. Some was bird festival work and the rest was filming for the web series Clay Taylor and I working on for this spring. Here’s a little clip of some of the fantastic footage we got while at Bentsen [...]

Digiscoping with an iPhone 5s

SouthPadre Birds

Hey Minnesota and Wisconsin friends, my buddy Clay Taylor from Swarovski and I will be at the National Eagle Center on December 7, 2013 for the Optics Expo and if you have any questions about digiscoping or would like to learn more about using your smartphone with a spotting scope, this would be a great [...]

Woodcocks At Biggest Week

woodcock 5

Part of the fun of birding at the Biggest Week is I get to see my friend Dale Forbes. I met him a few years ago in Kazakhstan and since then he’s moved on to working full time for Swarovski Optik as a products manager. This is Dale’s first time in North America…so you can [...]

Scope Eyepieces For Digiscoping

With the 20-60 zoom eyepiece and zooming in with the iPhone.

I haven’t thought about scope eyepieces all that much. Swarovski Optik has three different eyepieces you can choose for your scope a 20-60 zoom, a 25-50 zoom and a 30 fixed. For newer people to the blog, those numbers give you an idea of the scope’s magnification or of how close the image is brought [...]

Bentsen Rio Grande State Park Birds via iPhone


South Texas, as always was SO much fun. Even if you choose to do some casual birding you can still hit all the specialties. I took a mini break down there over the weekend to hang with a girlfriend and since we had both been there, each day we slept in and let our bodies [...]

Best Green Heron Video Ever

I almost peed my pants watching this video this morning. It is HIGHlarious! Stick with it, things get interesting at the 20 second mark and end up amazing at the end. Herons are awesome and kudos to my buddy Clay Taylor for an excellent capture of this behavior.

And that’s a young heron finessing its [...]

Spoon-billed Sandpiper Video

Okay, here is someone using YouTube for the powers of good. They digivideoed a Dr. Seuss looking bird called a spoon-billed sandpiper doing its mating display. Incidentally, this was done via digiscoping, the bird was filmed using a Swarovski AT80 HD scope and a Canon EOS 500D–and it was handheld. Awesome video of an awesome [...]

Crosby Park Ranger Work

song sparrow

One of the things we get to do at my park as a ranger is “roving.” Essentially, we pick a part of the park and rove around to answer questions or interpret wildlife. It reminds me a bit of doing improv work– you rely on the audience to guide where the sketch will go. In [...]

Red-breasted Nuthatch Nest Construction

female rbnu

I headed out yesterday with Lorraine to do some serious wildflower walking (what the heck has happened to me, I’m interested in wildflowers now) near our beeyard. Before Lorraine arrived, I headed down in the woods to see if I could figure out what birds were setting up territory where–I like to get know the [...]

Singing Chipping Sparrow

You can hear why they call them chipping sparrows.