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I regret to inform those who knew her, but today was Cinnamon’s last day. I disapprove.

How do yo say goodbye to a creature who shared a hotel room with me when I got stranded in a blizzard in Nebraska? A rabbit who helped launch my freelance career? A rabbit who brought me over [...]

MN Bun Fest–Meet Cinnamon


A little non birding news:

Non Birding Bill, Cinnamon and I will be at Bun Fest tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am. This is a rare public appearance of our dear rabbit in her old age. We’ll sign Disapproving Rabbits books, answer bun questions and encourage you to support this great rabbit foster organization. If you have [...]

Venting My Bunny

I love my pet rabbit Cinnamon, I really do. I miss her when I travel and she is home with Non Birding Bill.

But she is driving me up a wall!

I’m still catching up from Texas, I still have Rio Grande Valley birds and critters to talk about and I’m also in the middle [...]

Disapproving Rabbits At The Science Museum

Last night I was working at the Mississippi River Visitor Center at the Science Museum listening to the cool song stylin’s of the Brass Messengers (they were there for a wedding reception held at the museum) when I looked up from the counter and saw two people approaching me with Disapproving Rabbits shirts–the old school [...]

Easter Morning With Cinnamon

We tried to get Cinnamon to pose with some peeps this morning, but that seemed to not dignify our girl, however having her own MySpace Page and BunSpace Page is ok. Don’t worry, she’s not being held down in the above photo, Non Birding Bill is petting her. You can see more photos of her [...]

I Heart Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris (who happens to love Disapproving Rabbits) has managed to make a video that mimics my life, only substitute birding for baking.


I Just Bring It Out

I took this photo of Cinnamon during the interview last night. This is the stare down–she does this hoping that if she stares at me long enough, she will have willed me into giving her a treat.

Well, last night’s online show (The Rabbit Show) took a weird turn. I guess when you have an [...]

Bees In The Snow

Thank you to do Stacy Kagiwada for getting this awesome photo of Cinnamon! This is from the Indianapolis book signing, you can see more here–wow, Stacy has really nailed how to get a disapproval out of my bunny. I just love this one below–Cinnamon’s totally disapproving of me in the background. Stacy also got a [...]

Fun With An Indoor Cat

Here is my Mom’s following the bouncing Disapproving Rabbit (you might want your computer on mute so you don’t have to hear my big ole donkey laugh):

You can also get a low down of the book signing at that we had at Big Hat Books in Indianapolis.


Disapproving Rabbits In Indy

This is a photo by John Rubbo, the official photographer of the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society. He took this at the DreamHaven Book Release party.

Well, we have a whirlwind trip to Indianapolis coming up next week. Cinnamon and I will be on Daybreak Saturday Morning on WISH TV sometime between 8:30am – 9am. That [...]