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One Tough Old Bald Eagle In Red Wing, MN

scott mehus

If anyone is in driving distance of The National Eagle Center wants to play with the new Swarovski ATX spotting scopes or try out some digiscoping, I will be hanging out at the Big River Optics booth this Saturday and Sunday (March 16 and 17) from 10am – 4pm. We can practice with a smartphone [...]

Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle Field Trips

golden flight

Can you tell the difference between these 2 birds? If not, you should consider coming to the National Eagle Center’s Golden Eagle Field Trips.

Identifying bald and golden eagles in the wild can be a challenge. We are fortunate to be able to see both bald and golden eagles in the Upper Mississippi River [...]

Random Eagle Breakfast

10 Eagles

About 10 eagles crowded around a carcass. Observed during one of my many bird surveys this fall. This was digiscoped close to dawn.

Eagle Parenting Mistakes

Screen shot 2011-04-05 at 9.12.21 AM

There’s an interesting clip of the Decorah Bald Eagle nest live cam. You get to see a minor parenting mistake made by the male eagle. The female ends up fixing it, but night right away. One thing that I find fascinating about the cam–well all the prey items, Monday one of the birds brought in [...]

Eagle Channeling Huckleberry Finn?

ice flow eagle

An adult bald eagle rides an ice flow down the melting Mississippi River.

Eagles Fighting Over Carp

eagle fight 6

I spent the weekend at The National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN as a Swarovski Field Tek for a new company called Big River Optics who sells binoculars and spotting scopes through the Center. I’ll be there next Saturday and the following weekend (when we have a Birds and Beers) answering questions about digiscoping, [...]

Golden Eagle Survey Time Again!


First, an interesting news story that popped up over the Holidays:

According to a story in The New York Times blog in the last week a red-tailed hawk was picked up in New York and eventually made its way to The Raptor Trust. Turns out that the hawk is over 27 years old! I was [...]

Eagle Tracking In Wabasha

eagle talons

Last week I joined Mark Martell to aid in his quest to put more satellite transmitters on golden eagles in conjunction with the National Eagle Center in Wabasha. It was a lovely drive down along the Mississippi, the hoar frost was thick on the trees and glittered in the sun. He already has one [...]

Where Eagles Aren’t


“Hey honey, you got a second?”


“Okay. Don’t get mad.”

(sigh) “What happened?”

“Neil thinks he saw an eagle come down and try to get a squirrel in his yard.”

“Why would I be mad about that?”

“Because you get mad when we think we see birds.”

“Well, why don’t you two boys go [...]

Breeding Birds & Eagle Banding


If you’re looking for links of what I talked about on KARE 11′s Showcase Minnesota today, here they are:

Sign up for the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas (a monumental project run by Bonnie Sample whom I’ve known from banding birds at Carpenter Nature Center) that needs volunteers and reports of birds breeding all over the [...]