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May Morel Madness 2010!

morels 2

We have had the pleasure of finding some of the tastiest (and easiest as well as “safest”) edible fungus on Mr. Neil’s property in warm weather including Hen of the Woods, Chicken of the Woods and Giant Puffball. We’ve seen morels here and there but because they tend to come out during spring bird migration, [...]

Bees and Edible Fungus

Look at all the little white bee necks! Cute! I love it when you see bees craning their heads.

Lorraine and I checked the hives on Wednesday and most is going very well. The yellow Hannah hive and the green Wendy hive are still working their honey supers. We removed the bell jar from [...]

Jeff Gordon’s Mad Field Trippin’ Skillz

Here are some slightly blurry, but oh so cool crested caracaras:

So on Friday I went birding on the King Ranch field trip to look for that ferruginous pygmy owl. It was supposed to be a chigger-ful area and after last year, you would think I would show more caution. Many were using duct tape [...]

Waking Up In The City That Never Sleeps

More Cape May coverage is coming, probably on Wednesday when I’m back home in the Twin Cities.

I just woke up in my friend Mimi’s apartment listening to the sounds of the city below. Yesterday was a whirlwind and I found the Talking Heads’ song Once In A Lifetime running through my mind, especially the [...]

Hen Of The Woods

I don’t have any excuse or text to really go with this red-breasted nuthatch, I just thought it was cute, perched in the sun.

So, this morning I went to check on the shaggy mane mushrooms I found yesterday and they were well on their way to be coming an inky cap. Here’s an up [...]

Death By Propolis?

Well, here’s something unexpected. I went to put some feeder pails out for the Kitty and Olga hives today. When I opened the lid to Olga, I found a drone stuck by the head to the propolis trap.

I could see him hanging when I lifted the lid. When I set it on the ground, [...]

Working The Minnesota State Fair

Man, this week has just turned nutty. I thought I had more time than I really did but between Non Birding Bill and myself, we have an action-packed schedule.

I forgot to mention that NBB is doing some children’s theater at local Twin Cities parks. Cinnamon and I went out last Saturday night to watch [...]

Giant Puffball

Look what I found walking along the trail in Mr. Neil’s woods…

Oh no, not another edible wild mushroom post! I just realized that as of this post that I have now eaten each of the “foolproof four”–edible wild mushrooms that cannot be mistaken for anything else in North America. Not only that, I have [...]

Sulphur Shelf aka Chicken of the Woods aka Yummy

So many questions about the sulphur shelf mushroom that we found on an oak tree while walking out to the hives on Saturday.

Did we really eat it? Yes, and had plenty leftover for storage.

Sulphur shelf is also known as Chicken of the Woods and is one of the “Foolproof Four”–one of four edible [...]

Guess What We’re Having For Dinner Tonight?

Found on the way to inspecting the beehives today–ginormous (I’ve used it twice in a week, I’ll stop) sulphur shelf! I was going to say this fungus is as big as your head, but that’s Non Birding Bill for size comparison and it’s already bigger than his head–and he has an unusually large cranium to [...]