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Golden Eagle vs Chukar


I can’t believe I forgot about these photos. While cleaning out my iPhoto cache today I came across a picture of a chukar at Antelope Island in Utah.

Okay, so it’s a very mediocre photo of a chukar. I was driving around, just taking photos of anything when I tried to get a shot [...]

Pelican Yawn

Pelican Yawn

If you’re a fish or crawfish, this is a terrifying site. Especially because American white pelicans will cooperatively hunt fish in the water.

Bison & Lazuli Buntings


For some reason, buntings are a hard bird for me to get. Both painted buntings and lazuli buntings were always fluttering out of sight just before I would arrive to see one. A common phrase, “Oh a whole flock just flew past here like five minutes ago.”

I finally got painted a couple of years [...]

Random Northern Harrier

Harrier Hover

Some forgotten photos from my May trip to Utah. This was a male northern harrier hunting around Antelope Island:

One of the few North American raptors you can tell the difference between male and female by color.


He even got some prey!

Harrier hunting grounds.


Grebes of Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

bear river migratory bird refuge

Going through spring photos and I’ve found a ton from Utah. I love Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and try to make some time for it every time I’m in Utah–great birding by car and opportunities for digiscoping. Plus the scenery is fantastic!

Grebes are the type of bird that make me wish [...]

Artificial Heron Rookery

man made heron rookery

Not long after the North Mississipppi heron rookery was destroyed, there was talk of building an artificial rookery to get them to come back. Now that the herons seemed to have settled on other islands, the situation isn’t as dire–they found plenty other nesting opportunities. However, if an area is missing good nesting sites for [...]

Cliff Swallow Nesting Area

cliff swallows

If you ever have a chance to visit the great state of Utah, I highly recommend checking out Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. This place is awesome, there’s an easy birding drive to take and you can use your car as a blind to get great looks at western birds. You can also use the [...]

Random American Avocet


Homemade Heron Rookery

heron nests

I love this little male kestrel snacking on a small rodent it plucked from a field in Utah. I got its photo at the same place I had my unexpected weasel encounter called Farmington Bay WMA.

One of the coolest features about this wildlife management area is the homemade great blue [...]

Education Magpie Envy

education magpie

If you live in the eastern portion of the US and have never seen a magpie–Salt Lake City is the place for you. Those birds are all over the place–they’re like crows (not just in family but in commonality). We have a remnant population up in northern Minnesota but not the sort of numbers [...]