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Interesting Info From Banding Birds

I keep trying to write this blog entry, but my rabbit insists on using me as a jungle gym, making typing most difficult.

Here’s a photo of last weekend’s banding crew (the only bummer is that Frank Taylor, the guy who runs the blind isn’t in it). But from left to right we have Reier [...]

Frank Taylor’s Banding Report

I’m kind of bummed, I just got Frank’s banding report for his hawk banding station for last weekend and the end of the report reminded all of us on the list that this coming weekend is the last weekend he will be banding–and I can’t go! That means I will only have been to [...]


So, I almost got clotheslined by a Cooper’s hawk today! Above we have Jane Goggin, one of the many fabulous vets at The Raptor Center. We didn’t have any programs scheduled for my shift today so our crew asked if we could watch Jane and Lori (one of the other fabulous vets) test fly [...]

Tale of Tails

Note: A contest of diabolical proportions is on its way. I planned on doing it today but A: loading photos in Blogger is wonky at the moment and B: Non Birding Bill informed me that he is transferring the whole birdchick website to a new server and it might be hard to find the site [...]

Generally Awesome Birding In Duluth

Duluth was just unbelievably gorgeous this past weekend. I was surprised that there were still so many leaves on the trees. I bundled up right now. I’m thinking back to last Friday when the temps were pushing 80 degrees in the Twin Cities and less than a week later I see snow flurries out of [...]

Raptor Releases For Your Viewing Pleasure

This is a photo of my sisters Terri (left) and Monica (right) releasing two sharp-shinned hawks. I love Monica, she looks like she just made a touchdown.

More sharp-shins being released.

Multiple sharp-shinned hawks being released.

Another sharp-shin.

Oooooooooo, haggard red-tailed hawk being released. Sweeeeeet.

And yet, another sharp-shin heading to the wild blue [...]

Hawk Banding Basics

Blogger is still acting strange, so the updates will come as blogger allows them–I’ve been working on this post from 1pm – 4:30pm trying to upload photos–grrrrrrrrrr. I think the first post should be a little note on banding and terminology before the onslaught of adventures.

I LOVE bird banding and especially hawk banding. For [...]

Just In

I just got in. Here is a preview–this was one of the best birding times I’ve had in a while–great birds around every turn. I must eat, check the email which I haven’t seen since Friday, read up on the Big Sit and see if NBB actually put in any blog updates over the weekend.


A Bird’s Ability to Thrive No Matter What

All the photos in this entry are courtesy of Frank Taylor.

I just got in a weekly banding report from Frank Taylor. In it was a an interesting account of a first year sharp-shinned hawk that had impaled it’s wing on a twig. Frank said that it had healed up with a bit of the [...]

Awesome Sunday At Hawk Ridge

Saturday at Hawk Ridge:

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday At Hawk Ridge:


…hawks, northwest winds, fair temperatures, shining sun–all the things that make hawk watching special.

I helped out at the NatureScape News selling subscriptions and issues and the table became a catch all table for everybody. I was selling shirts and calendars (shirts were a [...]