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Honey Covered Titmouse

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This is a problem that only I could have.

Non Birding Bill and I had one of those exciting married people dates: did a little dinner, sorted some tax receipts, pretty much got down last night. While we were enjoying some sushi, my phone went off and I noticed the number was from Mr. [...]

Laysan Albatross Is The Oldest Living Wild Bird #birding #birds

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And she’s still raising chicks!

That’s right. According to bird banding records, a Laysan albatross on the Midway Atoll is now officially the oldest living (and breeding birds) in the wild! She’s at least 60, but most likely older than that, since she was already breeding when she was initially banded. According to the [...]

ALERT: Yellow Cardinal In Kentucky

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to direct your attention to a link to a YELLOW northern cardinal found in Kentucky. This photo is interesting on many levels: Number 1. It’s a freaking yellow cardinal. Number 2. Is that raw chicken breasts being offered as suet on that feeder?

The cardinal is cool. But [...]

Aflockalypse Now?

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Good grief! First we had the story of the 3000 – 5000 dead birds in a one mile area in Arkansas…and now we have another report of 500 birds dead on Louisiana. What the heck could be going on? Flockmaggedon??

Here’s my take: I agree that the New Year’s Eve incident in Arkansas was probably [...]

Thousands of Dead Blackbirds in Arkansas

dead birds arkansas--705597523_v2.grid-6x2-1

The news wires are buzzing with a story of thousands of blackbirds (mostly red-winged with a few grackles mixed in) literally falling from the sky in an Arkansas town on New Year’s Eve.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said its enforcement officers began receiving reports about the dead birds about 11:30 p.m. Friday. [...]

Golden Eagle Survey Time Again!


First, an interesting news story that popped up over the Holidays:

According to a story in The New York Times blog in the last week a red-tailed hawk was picked up in New York and eventually made its way to The Raptor Trust. Turns out that the hawk is over 27 years old! I was [...]

Let’s Get Weird With Honey

weeping angel

Here is a curious article about an interesting hurdle faced by some urban beekeepers in Brooklyn…their honey is turning out bright red! Guess what the culprit is: Red Dye #40 from Dell’s Maraschino Cherries Company. So people who want hives in the neighborhood to contribute to the whole slow foods/locally grown/organic/natural movement are being betrayed [...]

Hooded Crows vs Cats with a Twist #birding

Perhaps tired of the slowness of the Cats Indoors campaign to take hold, a pair of hooded crows appear to be starting some you know what with cats:

I love the Predator soundtrack that was added to this video. This may become a meme, as I see that someone has also put this video to [...]

More Pelicans Eating Birds

I’ve linked before to videos of pelicans eating pigeons, but if you haven’t seen on, watch the video below:

The Daily Mail recently posted an article with some pretty incredible photos of the pelican attack. I’ll just link to the article so that way if you don’t want to see a pigeon in a pelican [...]

Talking Raven Videos

Despite the fact that I have a mile long to do list before some of my family arrives sometime tonight or tomorrow for a visit, I have found a slew of talking raven videos. They are five kinds of awesome because, the ravens sound a little creepy.

Ravens are in the corvid family and that [...]