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Random Crested Lark

crested lark

These were all over the place in Israel. I love birds with a crest.

Bike Birding In Israel At Agamon Hula

biking israel

I’ve blogged already that the Agamon Hula is fabulous for common crane watching but that barely scratches the surface of all the bird life that can be found at this birding hotspot. The refuge has a little over 5 miles of trails that can only be accessed on foot, bike or electric golf cart. [...]

Birding Around The Golan Heights

Adventure Birders

Whenever I see an article or hear a person dismiss birding as boring, I think, “Oh, bite me.” I mean, how often does a person have an opportunity and good reason to be near a mine field? If anything will take you to those sorts of places, it’s birding. One of the areas we [...]

Best Place To Watch Cranes On Earth

Crane Sunrise

A large part of my trip to Israel was spent at the Agamon Hula in northern part of the country. The story of the cranes in the valley is quite amazing and quite recent. I’ve seen crane migration several times in the US, it’s one of my favorite things to watch and encourage others to [...]

Dynamite Kingfishers Of The Hula Valley

pied kingfisher

One of the big highlights visiting the Hula Valley in Israel was all the kingfisher action. This is a pied kingfisher, about the size and shape of belted kingfishers but are all crazy black and white. And unlike the kingfishers in my state are incredibly cooperative:

The pieds were especially obliging and would [...]

Is It Safe To Go Birding In Israel?

Mine Field Bird Watching

I think the number one question I’ve had about my recent trip to Israel for birding has been, “Is it safe?” If you look at its location in the Middle East, it can seem a bit intimidating.

But I can honestly tell you, I felt incredibly safe–even when looking for Finsch’s wheatear at the [...]

Palestine Sunbird, Best Hotel Bird Ever?

sunbird slr

Between jet lag and jumping right back in to my eagle surveys, my blogging this week has been slower than I expected. I will say, the upside to my freaky sleep schedule makes getting up 2 hours before dawn easy cheesy. However, staying up past dinner impossible. I’m kind curious how tonight will play out, [...]

I Think I Saw A Few Cranes In The Hula Valley

Common Crane

On my way back from the Hula Valley to Tel Aviv, I’m taking advantage of the wifi on our base. I’ve seen a lot of crane migration in my life and I’ve loved them all, but Israel is creeping up to the top spot in my heart. The Hula Valley is an incredible story [...]

Black-shouldered Kite

Here is a video from Liron Ziv of a black-shouldered kite family in the Hula Valley. There is a nest this year and the local birders are quite proud of this new nest species in this area.

They look very similar to the white-shouldered kites I’ve seen in the US. They are beautiful little [...]

Random Laughing Dove

A laughing dove taken with my iPhone and spotting scope. These were one of the common birds outside my hotel room in Tel Aviv.