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Watching Hummers With Penn Jillette


There are more people interested in casual birding than we realize and you never know who that is.

So, last fall I went to Las Vegas with Non Birding Bill, Clay Taylor and WildBird on the Fly to film some digiscoping videos, I think I had my biggest geek out ever–bigger than the time I [...]

Roadrunner Attacking Cowbird Video

I love birding–you can do it anywhere and I love to show people that. To prove it, I called some friends: WildBird on the Fly and Clay Taylor and said, “Let’s make some videos on birding and digiscoping in Las Vegas. We are probably going to have at least 4 when Non Birding Bill is [...]

Birding Private Property While In Las Vegas

Again, when I said I was going to Las Vegas to see birds, many thought I was a bit crazy. A few thought that I would just see the birds at the casinos like the flamingos above who reside at…The Flamingo. There were also hooded mergansers, shovelers, pochards (which I’ve actually seen in their [...]

Roadrunner vs Cowbird At Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

I need to get back to Spring Mountain Ranch State Park in Nevada. I blogged earlier that I given the advice by the Red Rock Audubon Society to visit here, since there would be different species than we would see in and around Las Vegas. We saw some great birds and I got a [...]

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

When I told people that I was going to Las Vegas on a birding project (and to visit some old friends) people thought I was a little nuts. Vegas in August? The timing may not have been ideal, but there were birds there. Most people tend to think of the casinos and great shows [...]

Las Vegas And Urban Burrowing Owls

Las Vegas is a strange world that I cannot quite fathom. I get the spectacle of it, I love how just as a visitor, you yourself become a part of the overall Vegas ambiance, you become part of the background of someone else’s vacation. I love that I can go into a casino and [...]

Birding Around Henderson Wastewater Treatment Plant

That’s right, we did some birding at Henderson Wastewater Treatment Plant and is also known as Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve (doesn’t that sound better), which is just a hop, skip and jump away from downtown Las Vegas, about 13 miles southeast. This is a popular destination for birders visiting around Las Vegas and certain [...]

Whirlwind In Vegas


So, our weekend in Las Vegas went from easy paced fun in the heat to holy crap this is really happening go, go, go, go, go!

We got all kinds of footage and now that we have completed the filming and I don’t feel like I’m going to jinx anything, I can say I went [...]

Birding In Sunset Park, Las Vegas

Screen shot 2011-10-01 at 2.40.35 PM

Well, I don’t know how I survived it, but yesterday, my buddy Clay Taylor and I (and my poor husband Non Birding Bill) went to Sunset Park in Las Vegas for a little afternoon birding…in 104 degree heat. I was a tad moist at the end of it. I wasn’t wearing too many clothes, [...]