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Crow Coughing Up A Pellet


I periodically do segments on our local All Things Considered broadcast in the Twin Cities. I offered to show them the winter crow roost and the host Tom and his producer Sam were interested. You can listen here and they brought along a videographer who got some terrific footage of the crows, be sure to [...]

Obligatory Snowy Owl Post

snowy owl male (1 of 1)

Hey! Have you checked out Project Snowstorm or contributed to it? You should donate because your money allows researchers to study an owl irruption in a way we’ve never been able to before–in real time rather than spending the next two years trying to figure out what happened, why it happened and if the owls [...]

Why Are There So Many Robins In Minnesota

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 7.49.00 AM

I’ve been posting this super cool link all over on the place on the social medias, but if you aren’t in to that, I want to make sure you see it. Above is a screen grab of this video that shows birds migrating in the eastern US and getting blocked by a storm system. [...]

Nemesis Birds


UPDATE: The Duluth News Tribune joined us for part of the day and you can see our birding posse and learn more about Minnesota’s boreal owl irruption here.

Nothing says winter in Minnesota like snow drifting into a port-a-potty.

I can’t really do my Big Half Year fundraiser for the Friends [...]

Random American Pipit

american pipit

These birds are easy miss but they pass over me in huge numbers when I go up to visit my hawk banding friends in northern MN and when I do my surveys in southern MN. If you visit Cornell’s All About Birds page for the pipit and scroll to sounds and listen for contact [...]

Brown Birds

american pipit

Even though autumn is winding down in my part of the country, the color still tried to pop as in one last hurrah before our white and gray pallet of winter arrives. Bird migration still has a big push going and and though it may not be about warblers any more, it’s sparrow city [...]

Horned Lark

horned larks fighting

Horned larks a constant in my field work but it seems their numbers have bumped up recently. These birds are fairly common in farm field were I live, I hear them constantly. But I’ve been on bird trips where people have never seen one and they have been casually birding for a long time. [...]


plover adult

One of the joys of migration is that you never when something is going to show up. When I’m out doing my surveys, I have my usual suspects of species but every now and then a surprise hits.

As I was driving between survey points, I passed this field and a small flock fluttered [...]

Dickcissel Invasion


Holy cow there are a lot of dickcissels in my neck fo the woods this year. Last year on my surveys I had one dickcissel pair, this year, I’m practically tripping over them. They are by far the most abundant bird outside of red-winged blackbirds on those same survey routes.

One of my final duties [...]

Downy Woodpecker Working The Corn

downy woodpecker in corn

Most of the fields in my survey area have been cut and plowed (which has really wrecked my bathroom plans). At one spot a female downy woodpecker has been systematically work the corn stubble.

She must have been getting something out of there, she worked the stubble piece by piece the two days [...]