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Site update, and why image previews aren’t working

Hello all, NBB here.

As you may or may not be aware, we’ve been dealing with an ongoing spam attack here. The problem does not affect you, the reader nor your computers; it’s an exploit designed to screw around with our rankings in search engines.

As part of trying to fix this problem, I’ve had [...]

Notes from the Bird(er) of the Year

ABA Bird(er) of the Year

Hello all, NBB here. Sharon is in deadline mode, and has asked me to fill in for her. As I have received many thousands of questions about my recent honor, I thought it best to simply post the entirety of my speech here. Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, members of [...]

The Monks of Brooklyn

quaker parakeets

Hello all, NBB here. I spent some time in New York City recently, more specifically Brooklyn. Since the weather was so beautiful (especially for February) I took advantage of it to walk around the Greenwood Heights neighborhood, so named because of the historic Green-Wood Cemetery (founded in 1838). I expected to walk along its hills, [...]

New look for the Birdchick blog

2009 Headshot

Hello all, NBB here. Yes, you’re at the right blog!

As part of our ongoing cleanup of the Birdchick Blog, we’re introducing a new look. Expect to see more improvements and changes in the coming days.

Update: As I mentioned, changes will be coming to the template over the coming days.


Comments for this [...]

Fixing the RSS Hack

NBB here. We’re fighting off a hack in the RSS feed. Our apologies. The site may be down for a few hours while I try to fix this.

UPDATE: I believe I have corrected the problem. The our site had been hacked and altered in such a way that the spam was only showing up [...]

Attempted Murder care of NBB

Attempted Murder

Although, I think these are actually ravens. Still makes me larf.

25 Things that Changed Birding (Recently)

Hello all, NBB here. This week has been hecka crazy, as I’m doing a show in the Minnesota Fringe Festival (which Sharon is acting in) and Shaz is running around doing early morning bird surveys.

But I wanted to take a moment to engage in a little husbandly bragging because of this blog post from [...]


Screen shot 2011-08-05 at 8.03.08 AM

Non Birding Bill’s show Macbeth: The Video Game Remix opens tonight at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Above is Duck Washington who is in the show and is a budding birder. I’m in it too as one of the witches a few minor characters. Here’s a list of all the show times. If you’ve never [...]

Completely gratuitous Harry Potter post


Hello all, NBB here. Sharon is in the middle of deadline hell so she’s asked me to write a guest post while she gets caught up. The podcast will also be slightly delayed.

Since I long ago depleted my limited store of bird knowledge, I thought I’d just indulge in some shameless pandering by writing [...]

Three and a Half Seconds About Life

Hello all, NBB here.

Sharon’s off with some family members this weekend, and I thought I’d entertain you with this short video. Or annoy you. You response may vary.

Sharon returns tomorrow.