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What To Expect When You’re Married To A Birder

Swarovski ATX Spotting Scope

Having been married to a non birder for a long time, we’ve had to negotiate certain things. You will find yourself having strange arguments and in hindsight, funny misunderstandings. Here’s a video example that Non Birding Bill and I made that anyone considering marring a birder who is a non birder may want to check [...]

You’re Making That Up

You're Making That Up


Some of you may be aware that Non Birding Bill has been developing a radio game show of sorts with Mr. Neil and hosting preview performances. The previews are to iron out the script kinks and if all goes well, it will eventually be on air. Even though I am married to one [...]

Metaphor For Marriage?

Below is a relative approximation of me getting out of bed to go birding while Non Birding Bill is still sleeping. I’m the gentoo penguin and bill would be the seal:

Three and a Half Seconds About Life

Hello all, NBB here.

Sharon’s off with some family members this weekend, and I thought I’d entertain you with this short video. Or annoy you. You response may vary.

Sharon returns tomorrow.

Geek a Week Announcement

sharon's geek a week card

Hello all, NBB here.

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that earlier this month we changed the blog’s tag line, removing “To show the world you can be a birder without being a geek.”

Why did we change it? Because today, Sharon officially joins one of the nerdiest herds around, the Geek A Week [...]

The Penguin’s Fowl Play

Hello all, NBB here.

Sharon’s off to give a presentation in Missouri, so she’s asked me to entertain you for the evening. So, I present to you The Penguin’s Fowl Play!

It’s a Batman adventure (courtesy of the Gone and Forgotten blog, which brings us vintage comic book insanity). In it, the Penguin comes up [...]

Drunk bees!


Hello all, NBB here.

Yesterday was a pretty shining example of why, three (?) years into this process, I’m still the junior beekeeping assistant, the Barney Fife of the apiary world.

To get everyone up to speed: the bees needed to be fed, Sharon has to work, Neil is out of town, Hans is out [...]

Coming Attractions

(Not really!) While playing around with MoType, a titles plugin, I whipped this up to amuse Sharon:

The music is from World of Goo, a fantastically fun game which you should totally buy, I think.

Weird Adventures I Have Because Of Birding

Last time I was on Showcase Minnesota I was talking with the producer about when I would do my next segment. I used to have a regular segment on Mondays, but that was when I worked at the bird store and could only do Mondays. I also didn’t travel as much as I do now, [...]

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