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Hummers and Orioles

1 hummer

Non Birding Bill and I headed out to my favorite birding spot–Mr. Neil’s yard for some hang out time and a bee check. Since my travel schedule gets insane in spring Hans has taken over keeping the feeders full as he’s taking care of the yard. He does a great job, but sometimes the [...]

Birds of Snowpocalypse

For those like my mother who lives in Indianapolis (who are getting Rainmageddon) and cannot experience the white Christmas we are enjoying in the Twin Cities, I thought I’d put out my Wingscapes cam to get some photos of birds and the falling snow. I forgot that I had it set to take video, so [...]

Growing Nyjer Thistle In North America

Last Saturday was the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union Paper Session (a boring term for annual gathering). One of the presentations was from John and Lisa Loegering about attempts to produce Nyjer in North America.

Let’s get some basics down about this seed first, on the off chance that someone reading this doesn’t know about the [...]

Favorite Holiday Recipe

A friend and fellow blogger called Makeover Momma (wonder if I should have a bird makeover in the blog some day) asked for submissions for our favorite Holiday Recipes! I think she was hoping for fudge and cookies and gingerbread, but of course, mine is a bird food recipe. It’s one many birders may be [...]

The Crow: A Reappraisal


NBB’s Guide to the Bird You Saw: Crows

Okay, so hopefully you’ve gotten the identification of Sparrow down pat. If not, there’s no hope for you, and you’re destined to lead a lonely, sheltered life, fearing the companionship of your fellow man. Which, ironically, makes you a perfect candidate to be a [...]

NBB’s Guide to the Birds You Saw


Sharon’s taking a much needed Blog Vacation, and I have been asked to fill in for her once again. So without further ado, we present the following helpful series for the unwilling birdwatcher.

Birdwatching: hobby for the insane?

Surprisingly, no! Even those who are merely married to a birder can learn to [...]

A Wingscapes Movie

A snippet of birds visiting the green mesh feeder made with the Wingscapes Cam. This was more of a test to see if I could teach myself how to make an animated gif. How many bird species can you identify?

Now another question: do I post the P&S and JoCo trampoline photos?


Strange Few Days

I think this photo caught with my WingScapes Cam kind of sums of the hodgepodge of the last few days. Check out the red-bellied woodpecker, black-capped chickadee, and female purple finch posing on the feeder (never mind that there are 6 other feeders). Note that the chickadee is sporting a band–that means that [...]

Birds & Beers & OpenSky

Birds and Beers is this Thursday, October 29 at 6:30pm at Merlin’s Rest and we have something to celebrate. I’ve been testing the waters with OpenSky–creating a shop that only has products I like, use and enjoy. Well, I thought to myself: all the best bird companies give back to the birding community and I’d [...]

Mesh Tube Bird Feeding Video & Links

There are some way cool links out there. One is over at Round Robin Blog and it’s all about an Albatross Cam! It is so cool. One of the photos from the albrotross backpack cam shows them feeding along with killer whales–how cool is that? Sigh, I would love to hang out at an albatross [...]