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Random Eagle Breakfast

10 Eagles

About 10 eagles crowded around a carcass. Observed during one of my many bird surveys this fall. This was digiscoped close to dawn.

Random Bluebird


Random Black-head Grosbeak

black-headed grosbeak

The Many Faces Of Savannah Sparrows


Mr. Muttonchops!

I think brown birds are beautiful as it is, but I love putting them in beautiful backgrounds when the opportunity presents itself.

I always thought of house sparrows as the most common sparrow ever and that’s true in urban areas of the US but out in the [...]

Random Spotted Sandpiper

spotted sandpiper

Fledging Flickers


I saw some flickers learning the ways of the world on my bird surveys the other day. Even though that baby looks full grown, he’s still hoping to be fed by the adults. Old habits die hard.

This appears to be a little bit of some father son bonding (they are both male, [...]


Bobolink Male

I have to do some work around cows this week.

I’m not going to lie, cows make me nervous. Ungulates who stare at you and keep coming towards you are terrifying to me. The only way they could be even scarier would be if they were bison. That is just a lot of animal [...]

Random American Avocet


Year of the Sora

Sora 2

Someone asked on Twitter if this was the year of the sora because the seem to be EVERYWHERE.

This is a sora that was very cooperative at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. I took this before I left for Horicon. I was walking by the Bass Ponds and I could hear several soras [...]

Birding By Bike

red-breasted mergansers

Birding got the better of me yesterday–you will note there is no podcast today.

I had my day all planned out, serious writing to do, if I got to certain point I would ride my bike for exercise, then tidy up the kitchen, mop the floor, make dinner, record the podcast and then bed. The [...]