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Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel Says…

Thirteen Lined Ground Squirrel


Spring Migration, It’s On!

American robin

We have turned a corner winter wise up in Minnesota–I was up and at ‘em early in the morning this weekend and I heard a robin singing on territory in my neighborhood! I took the above photo of an American robin outside of the National Eagle Center in Wabasha on Sunday (that’s roughly 80 [...]

Contemplative Turkey

1 contemplative turkey

Random Starling

1 random starling

I know they are non native and cause problems, but I do love the look of starlings in winter plumage. This is a bird in my neighborhood resting after a good gorge on hackberries.

Wordless Wednesday Blue-winged Teal

blue wing


South Texas Redheads


These are some redheads bathing and splashing against the sunset at Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center in Port Aransas, TX. I took this particular photo through my spotting scope. The redheads were not at the best sun angle, but with the splashing, I thought it was an arty shot.

It was a huge flock [...]

Love Affair With A Green-winged Teal

green wing dashing

My non birding New Orleans fun is finished and I’m back in Texas to enjoy some time with friends at the Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival.

I had a brief love affair with a green-winged teal. I don’t normally get the above view of a teal. Generally, they are fleeing from our plane when [...]

Trumpeter Swans vs Tundra Swans

trumpeter swan

I have my first post up over at 10,000 Birds.

When I was at Lake Vadnais last week looking for the long-tailed-duck, I took advantage of the close up trumpeter swans to get some swan shots. Note the swan in the back. I was watching that one and noticed it was a wee bit [...]

Random Red-bellied Woodpecker #birding

red belly

This red-belly is a messy eater–check it out, you can even make out the hard tip of its pointy tongue!

How are your digiscoping skills? If you like to do it as much as I do, keep an eye on the Swarovski Optik Facebook page for opportunities to put your photos to use. Their [...]

Random Lincoln’s Sparrow #birding

lincoln's sparrow