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Great Horned Owl Barking

I had a meeting at The Raptor Center yesterday. At the end, we got a brief tour, which despite having given hundreds in the past, I was excited to do because it’s been about 3 years since I volunteered there and things change quickly. Many of the birds I worked with are still there…as in [...]

Random Rough-legged Hawk

Rough-leg in the snow

Rough-legged hawk in the snow. This is a bird being seen in the New Brighton area of the Twin Cities. I found it hunting an open area along with 2 red-tailed hawks–buteos getting along. Apparently it’s been around awhile. I see it’s sunny today, I may go back out and get some sunny photos.


Hazards of Hand Feeding Raptors

Warning! This video gets kinda gross…especially for me.

After we banded birds this morning at Carpenter Nature Center, I was asked if I could help feed some of their education birds of prey. Their red-tailed hawk is a very easy going imprinted bird. He eats easily from the hand, so I thought I would take [...]

Weekend Banding Extravaganza Part 1

Non Birding Bill went away to New York for the weekend and I found myself a bachelorette for a few days. I had some plans for songbird banding at Mr. Neil’s on Sunday, but called my buddy Amber and asked if she wanted to go up for the day on Saturday to Frank’s to band [...]

Marathon Birding & Banding Weekend

Just came off from a wild weekend of banding. I’m feeling as rough as this mid-molt robin looks. We did a little bit of hawk banding and a whole lotta songbird banding. Here is a tiny video of a kestrel that we got into the nets. She was very fascinated with my purple nail polish:


Dawn, It Takes Fish Oil Out Of Your Way

Thanks to Michele Hope for sending me this link for an update about the eagles that got stuck in some chum. I must say, Dawn is getting some mighty fine publicity according to this quote from the article:

“Cleaning the eagles requires scrubbing them off with unscented Dawn dish detergent to remove the fish oil [...]

The Long Road For Peregrine 568

WARNING! Some of the photos in this entry deal with a bird injury and some surgical techniques to heal that injury. If you are eating a meal or are kind of squeamish, you may want to stop reading this entry after the third photo. Just an FYI.

After the Holidays and my travel schedule, it [...]

Eagle’s Opportunistic Nature Gets Them In Trouble


From the Seattle Times:

ANCHORAGE — Most of the 30 bald eagles who survived a disastrous dive into a truck full of fish guts are close to recovery, said officials [...]


An homage to I Can Haz Cheezburger, how many people get this reference?

I Needed Today

I was feelin’ a tad stressed yesterday. Some of it travel related, some of it scheduling related, some of it money related, some of it deadline related, some of it work related, some of it book related–blah, blah, blah, blah, BLEH. It was to the point where I was even having trouble sleeping, where you [...]