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Pelagic Birding In San Diego


Hey, do you notice anything different? We’ve changed from blogger to word press for blogging software. All the are there and hopefully in the next few weeks as I get used to this we’ll be able to organize things so you can find answers to bird questions easier.

If you think of a category that [...]

Ghost Bird Movie

I’ve kind of hesitated blogging this for a few reasons. One being that whenever the ivory-billed woodpecker is mentioned in a blog post (mine or other blogs), it brings out arguments. You can’t even bring it up without someone launching into some off beat augment, sometimes it isn’t even about whether the bird is alive [...]

Common Western Birds Seen At The San Diego Bird Festival

I thought I had planned my bird festivals so well this winter. Florida and San Diego–what better places could a Minnesota girl go to in January and March? Alas, both were a bit chillier than I expected. Florida had a record setting cold snap. And well, San Diego was still really warm at 50 degrees [...]

The Woodpecker Field Trip At San Diego Bird Festival

Don’t forget that this Thursday at 6pm at Merlin’s Rest is a Birds and Beers (Birds and Beers is an informal gathering of birders to sit down, have a beverage, and talk some birds). If you are remotely interested in birds, from the hardcore lister to the backyard birder to someone who saw a bird [...]

The Woody Woodpecker Controversy

While at the San Diego Bird Festival, I got to enjoy one of my favorite bird species–the acorn woodpecker (this is a female above, she’s just as handsome as the male). I love this species, the first time I ever saw one was years ago in San Francisco. They look like they are about to [...]

Birds Around San Diego Bird Fest

One of the cool things for me, being a Midwestern girl is that when I go to the coasts, just walking out the door of my hotel room brings exciting birds for me like the young Heerman’s gull (it was foraging on the lawn and pandering for a handout). Have you ever seen an adult [...]

Kind Of Gross Western Gull and Fish Post

Well, if you are in the mood for something that you know will be gross, but you just can’t look away, here is a video I got of a western gull eating what looks like someone’s discarded catfish. Warning: entrails ahead:


The Flying Bill

Can you believe how deep it’s able to plunge that bill? Love those long-billed curlews!


San Diego Digiscoping

Back to more fun at the San Diego Bird Festival! Last time I talked about all the wood duck action at Santee Lakes. I did get quite a few photos of wood ducks, but the main bird species seen at Santee Lakes (and my hotel) was the American coot. While we were at Santee, families [...]

San Diego Wood Ducks

Screen shot 2011-10-01 at 3.01.27 PM

Well, the San Diego Bird Festival put on by the San Diego Audubon Society has wound down to a a close and it was an action packed festival from workshops, to games to, movie sneak preview to even David Sibley himself. One of the field trips I went on was with my buddy Clay and [...]