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Digiscoping In Low Light

I mentioned in a previous post that I went up North to get a look at all the boreal owls that are showing up. The trip was originally intended for just Sax Zim Bog birding, but we spent some time in Duluth first to see some owls. Speaking of which, there is some major public [...]

Boreal Birding & Digiscoping with an iPhone

evening grosbeaks

I think I had the most fun at Sax Zim Bog last weekend since the great owl irruption of 2004/2005. An informal gathering of birders headed up and we started at Hasty Brook. I’ve known Lynne for some time and I’ve always wanted to visit. What a treat to start it off with her [...]

Spring In Sax Zim Bog

sax zim bog spring

Boy! I needed yesterday. I got one last look at a rough-legged hawk before they head north to their breeding grounds.

When Non Birding Bill opened his show MacBeth: The Video Game Remix, we engaged in the traditional opening night party after wards. When I woke up the following Monday morning, I wasn’t sure [...]

Birding Sax Zim Bog

Screen shot 2011-10-01 at 2.17.00 PM

I really hate car shopping. When we had to go through the process a few weeks ago, I heard through the MN birding grapevine that several northern hawk owls were reported in northern Minnesota, I decided a day up to Sax Zim Bog with my good friend Amber would be my reward. Besides, what better [...]

Birding In Sax Zim Bog

Sunday was a much needed day–take in that common redpoll! At Thursday’s Birds and Beer, people were talking about the Sax Zim Bog festival and Ecobirder was talking about his photos from the bog. (by the way, did you see his eagle release entry–very cool). My friend Amber was there and having been so sick [...]

Northern Birding Trip

Today, we got a small taste of the fun that participants will have at the Sax Zim Bog Bird Festival in the coming weeks! Stan Tekiela and I took a group up for a day birding around the bog and had a great time.

We started at a resident named Derek Morse, who has a [...]