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Drunk Birds

cedar waxwing

I can now add “sober ride for drunk birds” to my resume.

I usually do not answer my phone while bike riding, but I could tell by the ringtone that it was my neighbor Zoe. She doesn’t spend her social time foolishly, so I knew if she called, she had something important to say.


New York Birds and Art

mid photobomb

I meet people all the time and some you can tell right away are going to be companions who are either fun to work with or good for a visit. Frequently, people will say, “Oh, I have a place in this city or country, you should visit me.”

I’m the sort of person who [...]

Bunny Murder Mystery

Cemetery Snow

WARNING: Some people may find a photo in here gross…especially if you are of the Disapproving Rabbits persuasion.

I know this may shock some of you, but it’s December and we got SNOW in Minnesota! In the Twin Cities we got roughly 12″ from Winter Storm Caesar. Much to the chagrin of the National [...]

Common Nighthawk Freakout

Common Nighthawk

So we’ve had a common nighthawk completely freaking out in our ally the last week. I’m not sure what’s going on, I’d almost think it would be nesting, but these guys should be about to migrate from our neck of the woods. But it started when Non Birding Bill noticed it.

Yes, I know, [...]

Barred Owl On The Bike Trail

owl neighborhood

On Saturday Non Birding Bill and I were taking advantage of the beautiful weather and the Twin Cities bike trail system. We passed into a neighborhood and hear blue jays, cardinals and nuthatches going bonkers. I took a quick glance but figured since NBB was with me, I might as well ignore whatever was being [...]

Las Vegas And Urban Burrowing Owls

Las Vegas is a strange world that I cannot quite fathom. I get the spectacle of it, I love how just as a visitor, you yourself become a part of the overall Vegas ambiance, you become part of the background of someone else’s vacation. I love that I can go into a casino and [...]

Birding In Sunset Park, Las Vegas

Screen shot 2011-10-01 at 2.40.35 PM

Well, I don’t know how I survived it, but yesterday, my buddy Clay Taylor and I (and my poor husband Non Birding Bill) went to Sunset Park in Las Vegas for a little afternoon birding…in 104 degree heat. I was a tad moist at the end of it. I wasn’t wearing too many clothes, [...]

Distracting Cedar Waxwings


Tonight is Birds and Beers at Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park–with maybe a little bird banding. Should be awesome with all the migrants around. Starts at 6pm.

Birds and Beers is an informal gathering of birders of all abilities to mildly interested to hardcore. It’s a way to get together and talk some birds. Normally, [...]

St Patrick’s Day Cooper’s Hawk

Some fun odds and ends: my buddy Amber was on the Nebraska news. She was co-leading a trip to see the massive amount of sandhill cranes in Nebraska. The group came across a huge flock of snow geese…and a local Nebraska tv station. Click here and you can see this Minnesota girl give a sound [...]

So Much For "Sensitive" Owls

Not too long ago we had a whole kurfluffle on the Minnesota birding listservs when a long-eared owl was reported. The emails inevitably spiraled into the “someone got too close to the owl and flushed it causing it severe stress and ruining it for the rest of the birders.” However, this story about long-eared owls [...]