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Banded Birds At My Bird Feeder Camera

Bird Feeding

In case you have not heard, we’re buried under an old school blizzard dumping up here. The local weather folk were predicting with barely restrained glee the potential for a massive storm. And though many of us have heard in the Twin Cities that we could get 1 – 2 feet of snow, many [...]

Blue Jay & Hairy Woodpecker Interaction

1 blue jay

Well, we’re about to get Snomaggedon in the Twin Cities this weekend (12 inches with blizzard conditions). The birds are going bonkers at the feeders so I set out the Wingscapes camera to grab some images.

The jaunty blue jay is loving the crumpled up peanut suet mixed with black-oil sunflower seeds.

And [...]

More Panama Birding

red-capped manakin

Wow, what a great Monday–we might hit 40 degrees (do I dare take out my bike), I’m going to learn how to ice fish today and I just came off a fun weekend. I have to put in a plug for my Twin Cities readers:

Non Birding Bill’s birthday was the day I flew to [...]

Dear Non Birding Bill

1 green honey creeper

Dear Non Birding Bill,

We’ve given this whole marriage thing one heck of a try. I’m a birder, you’re not and hilarity ensues, we’ve put in a good eleven years and are closing in on 12–we’ve given it the old college try. However, after spending some time in Panama, I regret to inform you that [...]

Birds Nomming Bananas

1 nom nom

Thanks to that Wingscapes Cam, I now have an inordinate amount of clay-colored thrush photos–most of them om nom noming bananas. I have so many that I may have to create a gallery or animated gif when I get home. There will be other species too but my goodness–there are tons of big brown [...]

More Canopy Lodge Feeders


Here is a video from the Wingscapes Camera I put up at Canopy Lodge of a green honeycreeper and a pair of broad-billed euphonia eating bananas–how soon will that trend start sweeping the North American bird feeder crowd?

Canopy Lodge Feeders

Broad-billed Euphonias at the banana feeder at Canopy Lodge taken with the Wingscapes Cam:

Leisurely Birding At Canopy Lodge

herd of tanagers

I am in love with birding at Canopy Lodge! Right now I am blogging from the outdoor library while being serenaded by a rushing stream, frogs and something that sounds like a screech owl but I just learned is actually a type of toad, a bufo marinus (Yo, Non Birding Bill–that’s a Cane Toad to [...]

Interviewed Via Skype In Panama

So, I just filmed an interview with WCCO while in Panama via Skype. It’s for the “Good Question” series and will air tonight at 10pm. I love it. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I sat in the bathroom at Canopy Lodge and answered crow questions over the intertubes. Thanks WCCO for making me feel [...]

Birds of Snowpocalypse

For those like my mother who lives in Indianapolis (who are getting Rainmageddon) and cannot experience the white Christmas we are enjoying in the Twin Cities, I thought I’d put out my Wingscapes cam to get some photos of birds and the falling snow. I forgot that I had it set to take video, so [...]