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South Padre Island Birding

aplomado falcon

Five days. Five straight days that have included snow in April. I know. I know. I live in Minnesota, I’m used to snow. But dang it, that’s brutal even for our standards. It’s especially hard having just come from the warmth of South Texas.

When I got off the plane in South Texas, I [...]

Broken Toe Birding Part 2

In the previous blog post, chronicled how I broke my pinky toe and was birding Estero Llano Grande in the Rio Grande Valley with a bit of a handicap.

Ranger John was graciously giving me a tour of the park via tram and we picked up a few extra birders along the way. We [...]

Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Delete Key


First. I have to say: Wow! THANK YOU!

It is amazeballs that what people have pledged so far! Holy crap! I had no idea what to expect donation wise for my Big Half Year, but I thought $1000 should be doable over 6 months, but I wasn’t sure. Well, here it’s the end of [...]

The Anniversary Of The Great Blue Heron Rookery Destroyed By A Tornado

Screen shot 2012-05-23 at 9.00.30 PM

This has been an action packed week for me, it’s the one year anniversary of the Minneapolis Tornado that ripped through a great blue heron rookery, destroying all the nests (and almost all the offspring) and displacing most of the adults. The herons ended up renesting, some at an older rookery at Coon Rapids Dam [...]

Owl Attacks Heron On Live Cam

I love all the live nest cams that are available for us to watch online but knowing all the things that can go wrong with nesting, I keep waiting for the day when a nest cam witnesses something violent. Sure, we’ve had epic peregrine battles, but when we are we going to see something pick [...]

Best Green Heron Video Ever

I almost peed my pants watching this video this morning. It is HIGHlarious! Stick with it, things get interesting at the 20 second mark and end up amazing at the end. Herons are awesome and kudos to my buddy Clay Taylor for an excellent capture of this behavior.

And that’s a young heron finessing its [...]

Post Tornado Heron ReNesting Has Chicks!

Young herons

Well the big theme story in the blog this summer was the tornado ravaged great blue herons. Their rookery was blown away in May and some birds attempted to re-nest at Coon Rapids Dam and Marshall Terrace Park. I headed out last week to Marshall Terrace to see if chicks were visible. I had heard [...]

Artificial Heron Rookery

man made heron rookery

Not long after the North Mississipppi heron rookery was destroyed, there was talk of building an artificial rookery to get them to come back. Now that the herons seemed to have settled on other islands, the situation isn’t as dire–they found plenty other nesting opportunities. However, if an area is missing good nesting sites for [...]

Heron Rookery Visible From Marshall Terrace Park

Marshall Terrace Heron Rookery

When I last posted about the great blue herons renesting on the Mississippi River, I said that the rookery was not easily viewable from shore. Tony Hertzel from the Minnesota Ornithologists Union sent a not mentioning Marshall Terrace Park. I had driven by there and also viewed it from the river and it didn’t look [...]

Heron Rookery Reloaded Post Tornado

Gordon Dietzman heron nest building

Who knew this story would have such legs?!

As reported last month, the great blue heron rookery at North Mississippi Regional Park was completely obliterated by a tornado that went through north Minneapolis. I worked with some of my fellow National Park Rangers at MNRRA, the MN DNR and the Animal Humane Society to [...]