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Birds & Beers & OpenSky

Birds and Beers is this Thursday, October 29 at 6:30pm at Merlin’s Rest and we have something to celebrate. I’ve been testing the waters with OpenSky–creating a shop that only has products I like, use and enjoy. Well, I thought to myself: all the best bird companies give back to the birding community and I’d [...]

Young Finches Learning The Ropes At The Feeders

goldfinch male

As signs of fall migration make themselves achingly apparent, many of the goldfinches in my area are still holding on strong to breeding plumage. As I was digiscoping this male yesterday, I noticed differences in the bird calls around me. No indigo bunting singing on territory or red-eyed vireo–that was first this month. There [...]

Indigo Bunting At The Finch Feeder

coy bunting

I was walking by the kitchen window when a glimpse of blue caught my eye on the finch feeder. Among the oodles of goldfinches was a male indigo bunting. I’m not sure why, but he is usually a cagey little fella. When I see him at the feeders, any movement causes him to take [...]

A Few More Finches

I need to burn through a ton of redpoll and siskin photos before I leave.

Non Birding Bill and I are knee deep in sorting through the oodles of blog entries that came in. I got a much bigger response to the contest than expected and it’s going to be tough to narrow down to [...]

Finch Fight Club

Screen shot 2011-10-05 at 11.14.36 PM

The other day while we were doing a bee inspection, I kept an eye on Mr. Neil’s finch feeder–they were chock full of common redpolls and pine siskins. You can see some of the tracking of pine siskins at Audubon’s Great Backyard Bird Count website…interesting that they are calling it a winter finch invasion. I [...]

Winter Finches

Here’s a video from Mr. Neil’s feeders yesterday. You can see goldfinches in winter plumage, common redpolls, and pine siskins. The most fun is the sound of the hundreds of finches in the trees waiting to come down to the feeders. I love the up slurred, “shreeeee” of the siskins! They are all over the [...]

Pine Siskins and Bonfires and Bees

Just a reminder:

The next Birds and Beers is this Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 6pm at Merlin’s Rest.

This weekend was kind of a blur, I’m still trying to catch up. This early winter weather is just perfect for a one last hurrah before the hardcore cold temperatures force us inside. Non Birding Bill [...]