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Solving the 2 Queen Problem

Newspaper Method

Remember how we had 2 queen in one of our Russian hives? Well, they seemed to have sorted things out and the queen with the large white dot killed the newer queen with the small white dot. So, that solved itself.

However, one of our other Russian hives is queenless–that queen was alive when we [...]

2011 Bee Installation Part 2

Bee Kelly

This is Kelly McCullough, he came out with us to help hive four more packages of bees on Sunday. His family kept bees when he was kid and I have to say, he’s the first person I’ve ever seen get almost every single bee out of the travel cage. I can’t remember if it [...]

Maraschino Cherry Bees

Screen shot 2010-12-16 at 10.55.17 AM

Last week, I linked to the story about the bees producing red honey because the were gathering syrup from a Maraschino Cherry Factory–bees going for high fructose corn syrup, go figure.

There’s an article over at The Grist about one of their writers went for a blind honey taste test to see if she [...]

Let’s Get Weird With Honey

weeping angel

Here is a curious article about an interesting hurdle faced by some urban beekeepers in Brooklyn…their honey is turning out bright red! Guess what the culprit is: Red Dye #40 from Dell’s Maraschino Cherries Company. So people who want hives in the neighborhood to contribute to the whole slow foods/locally grown/organic/natural movement are being betrayed [...]

Drunk bees!


Hello all, NBB here.

Yesterday was a pretty shining example of why, three (?) years into this process, I’m still the junior beekeeping assistant, the Barney Fife of the apiary world.

To get everyone up to speed: the bees needed to be fed, Sharon has to work, Neil is out of town, Hans is out [...]

Birds with Hats and Bee Stings


Hello all, NBB here.

Sharon’s a bit swamped with deadlines, so she’s asked me to fill in with a blog post about all the exciting things that are happening in the birding world. But since I avoid knowing anything about the birding world with great vigor, I instead present you with Birds Wearing Hats.