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2011 Bee Installation Part 2

Bee Kelly

This is Kelly McCullough, he came out with us to help hive four more packages of bees on Sunday. His family kept bees when he was kid and I have to say, he’s the first person I’ve ever seen get almost every single bee out of the travel cage. I can’t remember if it [...]

Maraschino Cherry Bees

Screen shot 2010-12-16 at 10.55.17 AM

Last week, I linked to the story about the bees producing red honey because the were gathering syrup from a Maraschino Cherry Factory–bees going for high fructose corn syrup, go figure.

There’s an article over at The Grist about one of their writers went for a blind honey taste test to see if she [...]

Let’s Get Weird With Honey

weeping angel

Here is a curious article about an interesting hurdle faced by some urban beekeepers in Brooklyn…their honey is turning out bright red! Guess what the culprit is: Red Dye #40 from Dell’s Maraschino Cherries Company. So people who want hives in the neighborhood to contribute to the whole slow foods/locally grown/organic/natural movement are being betrayed [...]

Drunk bees!


Hello all, NBB here.

Yesterday was a pretty shining example of why, three (?) years into this process, I’m still the junior beekeeping assistant, the Barney Fife of the apiary world.

To get everyone up to speed: the bees needed to be fed, Sharon has to work, Neil is out of town, Hans is out [...]

Birds with Hats and Bee Stings


Hello all, NBB here.

Sharon’s a bit swamped with deadlines, so she’s asked me to fill in with a blog post about all the exciting things that are happening in the birding world. But since I avoid knowing anything about the birding world with great vigor, I instead present you with Birds Wearing Hats.