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Birdchick Podcast #68: Eagle Shenanigans & Field Guide or Checklist

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Immature bald eagle causes some serious shenanigans at Santa Barbara Zoo. On a side note, Karen pointed me towards another wild eagle that got flirty with a captive eagle at the Orange County Zoo.

Guys who make bird repellents say they can cut down on bird deaths. Both Flock Buster (here’s the ingredients) and Bird [...]

Birdchick Podcast #46 Conjoined Birds

Holy Mackerel! Birding is Fun sent me a link to a news story about a person caring for conjoined American Robins. Whaaaaaaaaaaa? There’s even an update…a vet separated the birds and discovered that their skin fusion was not the result of natural causes.

Some water birds like pelicans and terns are breeding well despite their [...]

Birdchick Podcast 03-04-2011


The latest Birdchick Podcast is out. Below are links to some of the things we talked about:

6 Terrifying Ways Crows Are Smarter Than You

Cats Killing 79% of Catbird Fledglings

One Woman Blocks Rookery from chainsaws

Jeff Foiles Duck Hunting Scandal

Herpetologists vs Ornithologists

ABA President’s Message Will you answer our challenge issued [...]

Cats & Birds Living Together–We’re Talkin’ Mass Hysteria Here!

Calling all bird behavior experts!

This video of a crow and kitten hanging out together–even the crow feeding the kitten showed up on Cute Overload. What is going on here? Confused crow? Are birds trying to reach a peace agreement to keep cats from killing them at feeders? Have crows become so smart that they [...]

Jim Stevenson Going Underground?

From the Galveston County Daily News:

GALVESTON — Ornithologist Jim Stevenson fled town Thursday after telling police someone took a shot at him.

Stevenson, who shot a cat but walked free after a jury deadlocked in his animal-cruelty trial, reported to police that someone fired a shot at his head Wednesday night while he was [...]

Mistrial In Jim Stevenson Cat Killing Case

This just in: the judge declared a mistrial in the case involving the birder who admitting shooting a cat he felt was feral and threatening a population of endangered piping plovers.

I think stupidity was exhibited on all sides of this case. The Birder in Question could have found other options besides blatantly shooting the [...]