My New Book


MN Bun Fest–Meet Cinnamon


A little non birding news:

Non Birding Bill, Cinnamon and I will be at Bun Fest tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am. This is a rare public appearance of our dear rabbit in her old age. We’ll sign Disapproving Rabbits books, answer bun questions and encourage you to support this great rabbit foster organization. If you have [...]

Venting My Bunny

I love my pet rabbit Cinnamon, I really do. I miss her when I travel and she is home with Non Birding Bill.

But she is driving me up a wall!

I’m still catching up from Texas, I still have Rio Grande Valley birds and critters to talk about and I’m also in the middle [...]

Easter Morning With Cinnamon

We tried to get Cinnamon to pose with some peeps this morning, but that seemed to not dignify our girl, however having her own MySpace Page and BunSpace Page is ok. Don’t worry, she’s not being held down in the above photo, Non Birding Bill is petting her. You can see more photos of her [...]

Disapproving Rabbits In Indy

This is a photo by John Rubbo, the official photographer of the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society. He took this at the DreamHaven Book Release party.

Well, we have a whirlwind trip to Indianapolis coming up next week. Cinnamon and I will be on Daybreak Saturday Morning on WISH TV sometime between 8:30am – 9am. That [...]

Disapproval Partay! Friday Night!

Above is the man responsible for getting Disapproving Rabbits to the masses. That’s Matthew who was my editor on the book. I got to meet him for the first time while I was in New York this week. It was about this time last year that he emailed and asked if we would like to [...]

MSNBC Holy Crap

MSNBC has a story about rabbits on the Internet and it features Cinnamon and Disapproving Rabbits!

How Cinnamon Spent The First Day Of Her Book Release

“Yes, that’s it, rub my ears.”

“Hey, wait! Who said you were finished? Don’t pull that hand away!” (butts head urgently against my retreating hand)

“That’s better, keep rubbing my ears. I almost approve of you.”


Cinnamon’s Big Night

Well, it was a very exciting night last night for Cinnamon. We went to watch Non Birding Bill do his children’s theater show at a park near where we live. She was doing well and I was keeping an eye on all the people who were letting their dogs off leash when I noticed a [...]

Word On Disapproving Rabbits

Well, I just got off the phone with Harper Collins and got some great news about the Disapproving Rabbits book – both Barnes and Noble and Borders have ordered large quantities of the book! Actually, those two orders are more than half of the first printing–I think that’s a good sign. Whoot!

We’re now in [...]

A Little Disapproval Cleansing

After the last twenty-four hours, I thought I might cleanse the blog and give you an online experience of feeding Cinnamon treats and giving her velvety face some scratching–all the while taking in the brunt of her disapproval.