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Birdchick Podcast #84: Grebmaggedon, Taped Calls & A Hooded Crane

Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 7.36.58 PM

Thousands of eared grebes crash landed in Utah winding up on football fields, a Walmart parking lot and highways in Utah. At least 3000 live grebes were collected but a low estimate of 1500 grebes died on impact. You can listen to Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Kevin McGowen talk about it on NPR.

An article [...]

Best Place To Watch Cranes On Earth

Crane Sunrise

A large part of my trip to Israel was spent at the Agamon Hula in northern part of the country. The story of the cranes in the valley is quite amazing and quite recent. I’ve seen crane migration several times in the US, it’s one of my favorite things to watch and encourage others to [...]

I Think I Saw A Few Cranes In The Hula Valley

Common Crane

On my way back from the Hula Valley to Tel Aviv, I’m taking advantage of the wifi on our base. I’ve seen a lot of crane migration in my life and I’ve loved them all, but Israel is creeping up to the top spot in my heart. The Hula Valley is an incredible story [...]

The Taxonomy Of Big Bird #birding

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A PhD has actually tried to fit Big Bird from Sesame Street into current taxonomy. Time to reprint some field guides. Watch the whole thing, it is hilarious!


Birdchick Podcast #49 Parrots Naming Babies & Bird Colors

David Sibley shares some ideas for dealing with birds flying into your windows over at Birdwatching Magazine. I particularly like the idea of using monofilament fishing line on the outside of the windows.

Study concludes that green-rumped parrotlets name their chicks (insert dramatic chipmunk).

Remember those wildfires in Arizona? Early estimates indicate that 80% of [...]

Migration, Carlos Avery and a Pub Quiz

sandhill cranes flying

Merlin’s Rest put out the call for Guest Pub Quizzers and I’ll be leading the Pub Quiz this Sunday, September 19 at 7:30 pm. If you know me and the blog, you have an idea of what kinds of quesitons I’ll ask, but I do promise that it will not all be bird related. I’ll [...]