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Day One Of Big Half Year Challenge

MN Valley

So my goal is to do a fundraiser for the Friends of Sax Zim Bog to help build a welcome center up there. My goal is to see how many different species of birds I can digiscope between January 1, 2013 – June 30, 2013.

I took my first outing today at Minnesota Valley [...]

Palestine Sunbird, Best Hotel Bird Ever?

sunbird slr

Between jet lag and jumping right back in to my eagle surveys, my blogging this week has been slower than I expected. I will say, the upside to my freaky sleep schedule makes getting up 2 hours before dawn easy cheesy. However, staying up past dinner impossible. I’m kind curious how tonight will play out, [...]

Random Northern Harrier

Harrier Hover

Some forgotten photos from my May trip to Utah. This was a male northern harrier hunting around Antelope Island:

One of the few North American raptors you can tell the difference between male and female by color.


He even got some prey!

Harrier hunting grounds.


Birdchick Podcast #43 Vulture Fail

Sorry about all the cockatiel noises in this one. Kabuki was very put out about our absence over the weekend.


Remember how the Germans were gonna use turkey vultures to seek out missing dead bodies…it’s not working out so well. Insert Sad Trombone.

Broken pipeline on the Yellowstone River pumping thousands of gallons of [...]

Cooper’s Hawk Attacks Owl Nest

owl nest 1

Well, Friday morning turned out to be far more exciting than I anticipated! I had to work at the park service in the afternoon and evening and I was meeting a friend for a late breakfast. I thought that since it was warm, I’d peek at the great horned owl nest in my neighborhood and [...]

Are You Seeing Tiny Birds with Yellow Spots?


Today, I had a co-worker ask me, “Is it possible that I saw a bird called a dick-shizzle?”

I don’t think they were using Snoop Dog speak to talk birds, I think he mean dickcissel. It is possible to see them, but it’s a bit early, but in migration anything can happen. He said that [...]

Attaching A Spotting Scope To A Bike


I’ve had a couple of question sent in via email and Facebook asking how I attach my spotting scope to my bike. I had Non Birding Bill take a few photos to show what I do. This is for my Swarovski ATM80 mm scope, Nikon D40 and Swarovski 8×32 ELs. The set up that I’m [...]

Random Cardinal


Dude, how red do you need to be?

Birding and the Government Shutdown

purple finch

I was out at Mr. Neil’s the other day doing some final inspecting of bee equipment (they should be here in a week and a half). We’re getting seven new hives this spring and poor Hans (the groundskeeper) was trying to finish removing our dead hives in time for the new bees. I had [...]

Great Horned Owl Nest In My Hood

great horned owl nest

I debated about whether or not to blog this, it’s an owl nest and some people can get their undies in a bunch when someone talks about them publicly. Some birds seem to attain a cult status and people get particularly prickly about them. Owls are definitely a cult status bird, even garnering their own [...]