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Singing Wood Thrush LOL

So the other day I posted a short video showing a hermit thrush singing from the folks over at Music of Nature. I noticed that they also have a wood thrush video on their YouTube channel too (this is another bird that is a moral imperative to listen to):

This video cracked me up. Did [...]

Smoking Bees

This is a video of some of our bees just chilling out at the hive. I started it to show what they look like when they are relaxed. We had to dig deeper into the hive to see what was going on so I asked Non Birding Bill to smoke them. When you puff your [...]

Total Slacker Bees #Beekeeping

Circle of Bees

Dear Bees,

I don’t want to get all Ned Stark on you, but Winter is coming. You are bees of summer and it’s been fun to fly around and explore, but seriously, dudettes, you need to start some serious storage to make it through the winter.

See, this whole socializing and not storing [...]

Warblers Eating Honey

Pine Warbler

I’m in a quandary with my beehives and my love of birds.

On my way out to the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival, I stopped at Mr. Neil’s for a quick check of our new beehives and some birding. The warblers have arrived and the cool weather has forced those who arrive early in migration [...]

2011 Bee Installation Part 2

Bee Kelly

This is Kelly McCullough, he came out with us to help hive four more packages of bees on Sunday. His family kept bees when he was kid and I have to say, he’s the first person I’ve ever seen get almost every single bee out of the travel cage. I can’t remember if it [...]

Honey Covered Titmouse

Screen shot 2011-10-01 at 12.44.00 PM


This is a problem that only I could have.

Non Birding Bill and I had one of those exciting married people dates: did a little dinner, sorted some tax receipts, pretty much got down last night. While we were enjoying some sushi, my phone went off and I noticed the number was from Mr. [...]

Let’s Get Weird With Honey

weeping angel

Here is a curious article about an interesting hurdle faced by some urban beekeepers in Brooklyn…their honey is turning out bright red! Guess what the culprit is: Red Dye #40 from Dell’s Maraschino Cherries Company. So people who want hives in the neighborhood to contribute to the whole slow foods/locally grown/organic/natural movement are being betrayed [...]

Drunk bees!


Hello all, NBB here.

Yesterday was a pretty shining example of why, three (?) years into this process, I’m still the junior beekeeping assistant, the Barney Fife of the apiary world.

To get everyone up to speed: the bees needed to be fed, Sharon has to work, Neil is out of town, Hans is out [...]

Honey & Swollen Dog

lola 5

It’s that special time of year when Lorraine extracts a little early honey, follows the strict codes, guidelines and fees of the county fair and submits it for approval. I know we aren’t the only ones entering honey because fellow beekeepers in the same county made some noise when we won last year that [...]

Mr. Neil Demonstrates Proper Smoker Tecniques

1 neil

One of the irritations I have with beekeeping and have mentioned more than once is that the equipment rarely comes with instructions and if it does, you need a magic elf from the fiery marshes of Bee Vale to decipher it. We used to jam pack our smoker with every type of natural fiber, light [...]