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The Anniversary Of The Great Blue Heron Rookery Destroyed By A Tornado

Screen shot 2012-05-23 at 9.00.30 PM

This has been an action packed week for me, it’s the one year anniversary of the Minneapolis Tornado that ripped through a great blue heron rookery, destroying all the nests (and almost all the offspring) and displacing most of the adults. The herons ended up renesting, some at an older rookery at Coon Rapids Dam [...]

Post Tornado Heron ReNesting Has Chicks!

Young herons

Well the big theme story in the blog this summer was the tornado ravaged great blue herons. Their rookery was blown away in May and some birds attempted to re-nest at Coon Rapids Dam and Marshall Terrace Park. I headed out last week to Marshall Terrace to see if chicks were visible. I had heard [...]

Final two rescued herons released


Photo by Brian Peterson.

Hello all, NBB here.

The StarTribune has a story about the final two heron chicks that were rescued after a tornado destroyed their rookery on the Mississippi River. Sharon’s been involved with this story as one of the first people to investigate the damage, [...]

Sharon on the Heron Rookery for MPR

Hello all, NBB here. This is a quick note to let you know that Sharon has an article up about the response to the destruction of the Heron Rookery on the MPR website. Check it out.

Update On Tornado Ravaged Herons #birding

Hey, here’s a great video from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of some of the young great blue herons that were retrieved from the tornado damaged rookery at North Mississippi Regional Park. They appear to be doing very well!

In other news, I have had multiple reports of herons rebuilding on 2 different areas on the [...]

Heron Rookery Visit

Screen shot 2011-05-24 at 4.19.39 PM

Here’s a follow up to yesterday’s story about the Minneapolis tornado that destroyed the great blue heron rookery at North Mississippi Regional Park.

Thanks to a lot of phone calls, my park the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, CO Todd from MN DNR and some vet techs with heron experience from the Animal Humane [...]

Minneapolis Heron Rookery Destroyed By Tornado

herons scatter

This was so not how I planned to spend my Monday. Warning, not a pleasant post ahead.

I returned from Detroit Lakes Festival of Birds yesterday and on my way home, Non Birding Bill called to warn me of a possible tornado in north Minneapolis–an area I would drive through on my way to our [...]

North Miss. Heron Rookery is gone.

Sharon’s asked me to post a quick note while she’s on the scene. After our recent tornado(es) in Minneapolis, the North Miss. Heron Rookery is gone. Also, they have no phone service in the area.

More later.

North Mississippi Rookery Still Visible

north miss rookery

I had to take a local film crew to North Mississippi Regional Park again to see the heron rookerly. Since leaf out is so early (this is the first time since I’ve lived in Minnesota that I have seen lilacs blooming in April) I was curious how much of the rookery was still visible. Here’s [...]

MPR Segement

Hey, mom, here’s a link to that heron rookery segment that you can listen to online.