My New Book


Birds & Beers & OpenSky

Birds and Beers is this Thursday, October 29 at 6:30pm at Merlin’s Rest and we have something to celebrate. I’ve been testing the waters with OpenSky–creating a shop that only has products I like, use and enjoy. Well, I thought to myself: all the best bird companies give back to the birding community and I’d [...]

Chickadee At The Hummingbird Feeder


For some reason this black-capped chickadee kept flying down to the hummingbird feeder today. I don’t think it was after the nectar. Unusual visitors like house finches, verdins, woodpeckers and even fruit bats are known to partake of the nectar, but I think this chickadee was going for either the water in the ant [...]

Filling The Feeders

This is the one time of year that my oh so trendy neighborhood goes insane. I live in an area of Minneapolis where people go for funky restaurants or to get pierced and tattooed. It’s a fun place to live…apart from this weekend–we have there’s a huge art fair and a local pizza joint closes [...]

70 Bird Day

Today was a great noisy bird day. The woods that were so quiet three weeks ago were alive with sound. Rose-breasted grosbeaks were trying to sing above Nashville, Tennessee and yellow warblers. Yellow-throated and red-eyed vireos were lurking in the tops of the trees with one scarlet tanager following behind. Oddly enough there was blue-winged [...]

Oriole Got a Hummer

Put the camera on a Mini Humzinger this morning (which is one of my favorite hummingbird feeders–they are easy to fill and to clean and they don’t drip, I really dislike fancy hummingbird feeders that drip). Anyway, I filled the ant moat with some grape jelly and mealworms and of course the orioles have found [...]