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Day One Of Big Half Year Challenge

MN Valley

So my goal is to do a fundraiser for the Friends of Sax Zim Bog to help build a welcome center up there. My goal is to see how many different species of birds I can digiscope between January 1, 2013 – June 30, 2013.

I took my first outing today at Minnesota Valley [...]

Woodcocks At Biggest Week

woodcock 5

Part of the fun of birding at the Biggest Week is I get to see my friend Dale Forbes. I met him a few years ago in Kazakhstan and since then he’s moved on to working full time for Swarovski Optik as a products manager. This is Dale’s first time in North America…so you can [...]

Yellowlegs Video

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 8.38.12 AM

Here’s another video I played around with yesterday trying to stabilize my iPhone 4s up against my Swarovski spotting scope. This was taken with the 25 – 50 zoom eyepiece (I find for video I get little to no vignetting). I did some minor adjustments in iMove, mostly a little cropping to take out vignetting [...]

iPhone Video With A Spotting Scope

Screen shot 2012-04-30 at 4.19.09 PM

Here’s an experimental video of a a red-bellied woodpecker (and some red-winged blackbirds) I took using my iPhone 4s and my Swarovski Spotting Scope. I’m using my 25 – 50 zoom eyepiece on this one and I did do a wee bit of cropping to take out a small amount of vignetting.

Consolidating My Birding Tools On My Bike


In my effort to find ways to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine and cut back on using my car, I’ve been bike birding when I can. I’ve written about it before and how I attach my spotting scope to my bike so I can tote it around.

Since I’ve been playing around [...]

Scope Eyepieces For Digiscoping

With the 20-60 zoom eyepiece and zooming in with the iPhone.

I haven’t thought about scope eyepieces all that much. Swarovski Optik has three different eyepieces you can choose for your scope a 20-60 zoom, a 25-50 zoom and a 30 fixed. For newer people to the blog, those numbers give you an idea of the scope’s magnification or of how close the image is brought [...]

Bentsen Rio Grande State Park Birds via iPhone


South Texas, as always was SO much fun. Even if you choose to do some casual birding you can still hit all the specialties. I took a mini break down there over the weekend to hang with a girlfriend and since we had both been there, each day we slept in and let our bodies [...]

Happy 2012!

American Robin

Turns out that my first bird digiscoped in 2012 is an American robin and I got it by holding up my iPhone to my scope. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Non Birding Bill and I tried to take some time off but with his show, it was a bit [...]

Palestine Sunbird, Best Hotel Bird Ever?

sunbird slr

Between jet lag and jumping right back in to my eagle surveys, my blogging this week has been slower than I expected. I will say, the upside to my freaky sleep schedule makes getting up 2 hours before dawn easy cheesy. However, staying up past dinner impossible. I’m kind curious how tonight will play out, [...]

Fun On My Ground Surveys

Man the final stages of fall migration have set in. Today on my eagle survey I had a flock of tundra swans fly over me. It was really cool because the were headed towards the Mississippi River and I realized that chances were good that the would be included on my aerial waterfowl surveys [...]