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Digiscoping with an iPhone 5s

SouthPadre Birds

Hey Minnesota and Wisconsin friends, my buddy Clay Taylor from Swarovski and I will be at the National Eagle Center on December 7, 2013 for the Optics Expo and if you have any questions about digiscoping or would like to learn more about using your smartphone with a spotting scope, this would be a great [...]

Killdeers, Oh my!


I realized on Monday that since I came home from Europe, I hadn’t done any birding apart from the usual mental notes of what is around me when I’m outside. We had a horrible storm that I’d been dealing with and some work that piled up. I was feeling out of sorts and I thought, [...]

iPhone Digiscoping Adapters

iPhone adaptors

All sorts of adapters for digiscoping using an iPhone and a spotting scope are cropping up. I can barely keep up with testing them. This post covers two different adapters that are very similar and work well with my Swarovski ATM scope.

From left to right we have the iTelligent iPhone adapter, Kowa iPhone [...]

Brown Birds

american pipit

Even though autumn is winding down in my part of the country, the color still tried to pop as in one last hurrah before our white and gray pallet of winter arrives. Bird migration still has a big push going and and though it may not be about warblers any more, it’s sparrow city [...]

Osprey Banding

osprey banding

Even though I have a spanky new job with a desk and everything, quite a bit of what I do is field work. And like any job, you have to keep your skills sharp and go out for training.

This week it took the form of helping Mark Martell of Audubon Minnesota with [...]

Lawrence’s Warbler

Lawrence's Warbler

I took a quick trip down to Indianapolis to visit my family. On the way, I made a stop at Mr. Neil’s and got a big surprise. I went to the spot where blue-winged warblers have nested in the past and sure enough heard the familiar 2 note, buzzy call of a blue-wing. I was [...]

Hummingbird Reminder


It’s the time of year when I get hummingbird questions so I thought I would do a quick reminder about hummingbird nectar. Here is the recipe:

4 parts water 1 part table sugar (not honey, not corn syrup, not Splenda, not Stevia, no artificial sweetner)

Don’t bother with red dye, it’s not needed, could [...]

Woodcocks At Biggest Week

woodcock 5

Part of the fun of birding at the Biggest Week is I get to see my friend Dale Forbes. I met him a few years ago in Kazakhstan and since then he’s moved on to working full time for Swarovski Optik as a products manager. This is Dale’s first time in North America…so you can [...]

Biggest Week In American Birding

Cape May Warbler

So if you’ve been following my Twitter feed, you know I’m at something referred to as the Biggest Week, it’s a big ole’ honkin’ bird festival in northern Ohio at Magee Marsh. It bills itself as the “Warbler Capital Of The World.”

I have seen quite a few warblers, but not enough yet to [...]

Yellowlegs Video

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 8.38.12 AM

Here’s another video I played around with yesterday trying to stabilize my iPhone 4s up against my Swarovski spotting scope. This was taken with the 25 – 50 zoom eyepiece (I find for video I get little to no vignetting). I did some minor adjustments in iMove, mostly a little cropping to take out vignetting [...]