My New Book


ABA Autographs

I’m apologizing for typos up front, I’m stealing wireless at a hotel near Mom’s house and must be quick. I have the go ahead for the vendormart updates and those will start on Monday. I did find a company that makes these intriguing bird whistles, including a whistle for a great tit. They got nervous [...]

ABA in the News

Yesterday on our field trip we were followed by a film crew from WGME. That’s one of our field trip leaders, Steve Howell using a field guide to show Amy Sinclair and the camera man some of the birds we were seeing on the trip. Amy was wearing some, shall we say “antique” binoculars. I [...]

Wednesday at the ABA

Since this is a bird blog, we need a bird photo. This is a chestnut-sided warbler digiscoped at Acadia. Sweet bird!

The really nice thing about American Birding Association Conventions is that you have field trips one day and workshops the next. It’s nice, you don’t have to worry if you’re field trip bus is [...]

Chum Chuminy Chum Chum Churry

Today was a triumph of the human spirit on many levels. First, I had to meet my field trip group at 3:30 am. That’s not a typo folks, that is 3:30 in the am. I don’t know how, but I managed to get my stuff together to meet the field trip.

When I met up [...]

I Got The Power

Thanks to Non Birding Bill and his mad shipping skills, I have a power chord for my Mac. Insert huge sigh of relief. Of course, now that I have it, many birders with Macs are arriving to the ABA Convention. Ah, life.

Now a bunch of us birders are kickin’ it in the hotel lounge [...]

It’s Good To Be The Bird Chick

I’m getting some great swag from the ABA Convention. When I checked in at registration I got a new bag (I’m sure Cinnamon will fit in this one too), a note pad in a waterproof cover, a puffin pin, a new name badge with pockets and a local shorebird guide.

I also got an advance [...]

Early ABA Report

I have maintained that the Utah landscape just isn’t ugly. Maine is giving Utah a run for its money. Doesn’t the above photo just make you want to break out into Barry Manilow’s Weekend in New England?

Okay, the start to the ABA Convention his still a little wonky for me. Apparently, we had the [...]

Bangor off to a Bang!

It’s been an odd 24 hours.

Things started off with a bang yesterday at Carpenter Nature Center. We got in a male yellow warbler. I never realized just how yellow they are, even their toes are yellow. Hm, one of the few birds that actually matches the name ornithologists gave it. I wonder if that [...]