My New Book


Did I Stay Or Did I Go?

I’m staying another night! They finally opened east bound I 80 after 4pm and I took a quick drive to test the roads. However, they still were quite slick and as I was driving I started hearing a list of accidents being reported on the newly opened I 80. So, I’m in Kearney for another [...]

Start Placing Your Bets

Will I leave Nebraska today or will I have to stay another day?

“Mom, I’m so booooooooooored!”

I-80 is still closed. Rumor has it that might open within the next four hours. Many of us at the hotel are playing a waiting game to see if we get to check out today or have to [...]

An Entry To Pass The Time

I’m excited to learn that my blog is on the Blogs of Note list on the blogger start page–I’m so excited, I feel like I’m sitting at the big kid table. It’s certainly a silver lining to my snowed in, stranded day in Nebraska.

The local weather man is saying that we are getting an [...]

Yeah, I’m Not Going Anywhere Today

I don’t think I’ll be driving from Kearney, NE to Minneapolis today.

Word at the hotel front desk is that the roads will be officially closed within the next two hours. The radio station I’m listening to is reading the list of all that is closed (schools, malls, clinics, weightwatchers, etc). He’s been going nonstop [...]

To Pack Or Not To Pack

Hmmmmmm, I’m not sure I will be leaving tomorrow morning with the predicted record snowfall that’s supposed to start in earnest around 9pm tonight. Traffic was more than a little slow at the booth today. I think many people left early to try and get home before the big storm hits tonight. This morning there [...]

More Bunny Indignity

Are these goldfinches feasting at the Rowe Sanctuary a sign of the storm to come?

Oh dear, Kearney is officially under a winter storm warning and currently rain is shifting to snow. Tonight at the banquet at the Rivers and Wildlife Festival it was announced that the prairie chicken blind trip tomorrow morning is [...]

Poetic Staff at Rowe Sanctuary

The staff certainly is creative at Rowe Sanctuary in Gibbon, Nebraska. There are little poems all over in the ladies room informing you how to use the facilities. The photo on the left is a warning on the mirror telling you not to abuse the toilet paper except for your “tushies” and “nose”. I bet [...]