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Birdchick Podcast #160 Snowy Owls and Backpedaling

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.17.33 PM

We talked about scare crows, snowy owls, what you should really be concerned about with wind turbines going up on Lake Erie and oh cool this contest from Celebrate Urban birds…you have until January 15, 2014 to enter.

Owl Attacks Heron On Live Cam

I love all the live nest cams that are available for us to watch online but knowing all the things that can go wrong with nesting, I keep waiting for the day when a nest cam witnesses something violent. Sure, we’ve had epic peregrine battles, but when we are we going to see something pick [...]

Birdchick Podcast #87: Minor Aflockalypse, Snowy Owls, Resolutions

Cornell Snowy Owl video

Only 200 birds were found dead in Arkansas this New Year’s as opposed to the thousands found last year.

Really cool snowy owl video from Cornell:

Barred Owl On The Bike Trail

owl neighborhood

On Saturday Non Birding Bill and I were taking advantage of the beautiful weather and the Twin Cities bike trail system. We passed into a neighborhood and hear blue jays, cardinals and nuthatches going bonkers. I took a quick glance but figured since NBB was with me, I might as well ignore whatever was being [...]

Birdchick Podcast #61: Amazing Burrowing Owl, Lesser Prairie-Chickens & Big Year

Screen shot 2011-09-07 at 4.06.02 PM

This is where I’ll be next week.

From the American Birding Association Blog: Crazy female burrowing owl does 2 broods–1100 miles apart!

Oklahoma should really look at the lesser prairie-chicken as an economic opportunity, not an economic bust. There’s a lesser prairie-chicken festival–Leks, Treks and More!

It’s hawk migration time–find a Hawk Count near you!


Birdchick Podcast #46 Conjoined Birds

Holy Mackerel! Birding is Fun sent me a link to a news story about a person caring for conjoined American Robins. Whaaaaaaaaaaa? There’s even an update…a vet separated the birds and discovered that their skin fusion was not the result of natural causes.

Some water birds like pelicans and terns are breeding well despite their [...]

Birdchick Podcast #11 World Sparrow Day, Oldest Albatross & Owls in Mail Boxes


March 20 is World House Sparrow Day!

House sparrow feeder giveaway in India.

Oldest albatross survived the tsunami.

Jim McCormack’s Ohio blog–owl in the mailbox. Another screech owl in a mailbox. And another!

Join the ABA.

Best bird shirts (and undies) EVER: Magnificent Frigatebird and Birdorable.

European Robin is a “bird of pray.” Here’s [...]

Cruise Ships Potential Habitats For Burrowing Owls?

Back Camera

Probably not, but intrepid burrowing owl sure did try.

The above Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is of a burrowing owl that tried to set up a territory mini-golf course on Royal Caribbean International’s “Oasis of the Seas” last Saturday. The ship was about to depart Port Everglades for the high seas when [...]

Unexpected Afternoon Owls

1 st croix

I am terrible with people names–bird names are generally not a problem. However, if I’ve met someone at a bird festival in Texas and see in them in winter in Minnesota, I have a tough time remembering them. Same with meeting one of Non Birding Bill’s friends at the grocery store–totally clueless. Sometimes that happens [...]

Random Owl Chicks

baby owls

I was archiving some photos and found this photo from this year’s Detroit Lakes Festival of Birds of a great horned owl nest with 2 chicks. I figured the least I could do is post this photo after yesterday’s link to a flycatcher eating what appears to be Cthulu.